I Sold My First NFT Thursday

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I've been helping beta test two Cardano NFT sites, ADATokenizer and Zempafy recently. Part of that process entailed finally get some of my NFTs minted and listed for sale. Currently I have 2 collections, Hokusai Re-imagined & Tokyo Mangafied.

The NFT I sold is called Moon Rise and is from my Hokusai Re-imagined collection.

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I created it several years ago along with 5 others, but I have had to update each one of them to a degree. For example the original bitcoin I used in Moon Rise was based on the "copper" real life bitcoin. Copper and bitcoin shouldn't be together so I updated the bitcoin image that made no reference to physical metals.

I sold "Moon Rise" for 50 ADA(Cardano) and here is the transaction:

It's a nice start. I want to keep my NFT's reasonably priced so just about anyone can buy them. I'm not doing it to make a living, just as a reason to do some art i liked to create. Of course it would be nice if it built into a career!

The Collections

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That Hokusai Re-imagined collection currently has 5 NFT's and I plan on doing 15 more before it closes in March. I have about 10 in the Tokyo Mangafied, but I haven't minted them all yet. That policy is open for 1 year so I'll be adding to it as I find new things around Tokyo.

The Process
Making collections and minting NFTs has been an interesting learning experience. When minting my first NFTs for the Hokusai collection, I didn't addd any additional properties. This was a bit of a mistake on my part that I corrected with my Tokyo Mangafied NFTs.

In our system, Tokenizer, when you make a collection there are a few steps involved.

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It's fairly straight forward, however the policy details that follow are important. First, you have to do decide what kind of collection it will be, either a MOD, Mint On Demand policy where you don't actually mint the NFT, but the buyer does or a regular minting in which you pay for it and mint it.

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Second you have to set the time frame that the collection is open for, 6 hours, 3 months, 1 year, etc. This means you can add more NFTs to that collection during the duration you selected. Once that window passes the collection is closed for good and no more NFTs can be minted to that collection.

Last is the royalty. Here you can select to add a royalty to the NFT or not. If you opt to so then each time the NFT is sold, the percentage you set will be sent back to your wallet. I selected 1% for my current collections and plan to keep it at that. I'd like to know how many times one of my NFTs has traded hands.

Once the collection is created then you can start adding NFTs to it.

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As I mentioned earlier, I didn't add any additional properties to my Hokusai Re-imagined series. I believe that was a mistake for a few reasons. 1. By adding a property you have a greater chance of searching for that NFT when we have our on chain search engine working. Think of a property in this sense being like a "tag" on HIVE. 2. Adding a property say a website url with additional information, like Hokusai's wikipedia, or better and IPFS page with information about the original. Those are examples of properties you can add to your NFT that will be stored on-chain.

In my Tokyo Mangafied series I corrected this by adding the IPFS original image url as well as latitude & longitude coordinates where I took the original image. I also added a few "tags" or keywords to it like Tokyo so it can be found when searching. I have many other ideas for properties that I would like to addd to my next series that will give the NFT more depth and utility. It's exciting to think about the possibilities of an NFT. We've only scratched the surface I believe.

The Cost
The cost to create an NFT on our Tokenizer site is 7.7ADA. It's free to sign up.

The cost to list your NFT on the Zempafy marketplace is 1.74 ADA plus a commission fee on the final sale. So it's just under 10 ADA for the whole process.

We are only accepting transactions from Nami Wallet, https://namiwallet.io, at this time, but hope to add other ADA wallets in the future.

Good luck to all those doing their thing in the NFT space!

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