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For the past few nights I've been watching Joe Rogan's talks with Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson, episodes #872, #961 & #1284. Graham is a journalist who has some interesting theories about the world. Randall is a..... actually I forgot what Randall's profession is, but he has a degree in geology and is an expert on the subject. Together the two believe that North America was impacted by a comet, Younger Dryas Impact, 12800 years ago. This wiped out a large portion of the mammals in North America and also contributed to catastrophic flooding from glaciers that carved incredible landscapes in the North Western United States. Interestingly this is also the period Gobekli Tepe is dated to,öbekli_Tepe


(Source - Teomancimit )

It's all fascinating and got me looking into a lot of this. For example one of the catastrophic glacial flood flows that carved these massive channels & pools into solid bedrock near Wenatchee, Washington called "Potholes Coulee".

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 8.56.55 PM.png

(Source - JRE #872)
That destruction is 5 miles wide and the tops of the cliffs are 1000' higher than the Columbia river below.
For size reference here is drone footage from the spine rock in the center of the image above.

Graham then led me down the rabbit hole of the human story, like the Denisova Cave in Russia, In that cave a sewing needle made from bone dates back to 50,000 years ago!

If that wasn't exciting enough, a couple of years ago in San Diego, California a Mastadon was unearthed during a road construction project. The mastodon was found to have many of it's bones broken open and rock tools were found next to it, meaning man had used to tools to break the bones open for the marrow inside. The mastodon dates to 130,700 years ago! Man was thought to have only been in the Americas from about 16,000 years ago.

Which led me to The Early Man Site near Calico, CA. I've been there and rock hounded the jasper agates right next to this spot so it's intriguing to me. The Early Man Site said humans were there between 30,000 to over 100,000 years ago.
This is interesting because it concurs human presence in the America's around the same time as Cerutti Mastadon site.

Those two sites could very well be wrong in their dating or conclusions, but they could be confirmed by other findings. Only time will tell.

As is being shown by the above examples of newly discovered impacts, new temples/cities or human presence, we still have much to learn about our history, our planet and our galaxy. Positive things to look forward to in current times of deceit and despair.

Here is the JRE episode that got me started on this topic. Enjoy!

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