Depression Sinking In - Japan Quarantine Day 3

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Been locked up in this room for 3 days now and despite my best efforts I can feel depression sinking in. It's not terrible, but it's dull and annoying. It's the type of depression that can drag you down and make you sick if you aren't aware of it.

I tried to change things up a bit today and play Splinterlands. I got a nice little endorphin boost when I finally won an airdrop card, Grum Flameblade.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 4.49.14 PM.png

Now, if only I could get some heals behind him he would dominate.

I'm starting to realizing meals are something to look forward to. So far they have all been delicious and that has been an escape from the reality of my situation. Here's a look at all the meals I've eaten so far, minus one dinner I missed because I fell asleep.

IMG_2739 2.JPG

IMG_2741 2.JPG

IMG_2751 2.JPG





These meals and my anticipation of them got me thinking if I was in prison for a longer period would meals be one of the only things to look forward to? Or how about if I had to do a 14 day quarantine like some people around the globe have? This is legit punishment. You don't quarantine the healthy.

In addition to the quarantine we have to respond 3 times a day to the health app on our phones mandated by the government. Once for your health condition, once for your location and one video call that lasts 30 second to confirm you aren't out at a bar or something. It makes no sense since I am locked up in a hotel room, unable to leave. They know where I am, in the freaking hotel they sent me to!

To make matters worse, the app is buggy and sometimes will drop when you try to respond to one of the 3 requests. Since I want to do the right thing this drives my stress level into overdrive. Menacing messages appear every once in a while telling you that if you don't respond you could be detained or have your residency forfeited. Ok, gotta calm down and put on some Timecop1983.

Dinner is almost here so I have something to look forward to and then off to bed. Tomorrow I take my first test since I have been at this hotel. Then another one on Friday. If I come up negative on those, which I will, then I get to finally go home and quarantine for 1 more day. At least at home I have my family around to talk to, touch, eat with.

See ya tomorrow.

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