Steemit Japan: Club Check For Everybody

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I made a club5050 tag community member check the other day and update a little bit so that it displays 30 day reward.
Steem Japan: Club5050 Tag Member Check For All Community

This time I added an individual check so that everybody can see their club5050 progress.

It shows last 30 day reward, power up and transfer. It also eligible club tag and outgoing delegation list.

(this data is just an estimate and it doesn't guarantee club eligibility or anything. you have to do your own check too so please make sure to read the official club posts)

That's all.
Team Steem Japan @tomoyan

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this is important information, thank you for sharing this information, hopefully we can fix this

master how can i join club5050?
I'm still a very beginner😊

Do more Power up or buy steem in the market

Read the post. Use this to check your account.

very important information for all of us, so we should not use this tag wrong, thank you for the information,

Very Awesome Sir.. you made a great tool.. and i am very happy because i am qualified enough to use the tag #club100


Thank you so much for your information sir.. i will use only tag #club5050 .. warm regard sir

thank you Mr. Tomoyan for the information & to the photographers for posting their delegates to steem Japan so that steem is getting stronger and doing power-ups regularly. thank you and this is very supportive.

Thank you for sharing this information.

This is a very informative article.
Thank you for sharing.

I checked mine and got this the result. What does this result means to my account? Can I already use one of those tags now? Give me some insight, guys.



Did you read the post and understand what club5050 is? good place to start here
Did you power of at least 50% of your earnings?
Did you power up more than transfer?

thank you @tomoyan
Quite happy cause I didn't find any information about the minimum quantity of the Power Up. I power up all of my earnings even the amount is small. So I can use #Club100 for real now

Thank you for the information