Steem Japan contest of the week: *Share Your Favourite Drink* |April 16-2022

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Hello all my beloved steem japan members,This time the steem japan community again made a weekly contest, and this time the theme was "Share photos of your favorite drinks". We want you all to share photos of your favorite drinks in a beautiful way, we want to see how you all take photos of your favorite drinks, both when you are drinking it and also just the drink, this is also a way of verifying each member.The victory of this contest depends on how beautiful you take your favorite drink, we are waiting for your entry contest.

🧾 Contest Rules;

  • You must be at least a #club5050 member.
  • Set 10-to 30% of your payout to Steem Japan Community.
  • Compose a story of more than 250 words.
  • Your contest entry must be #steemexclusive and avoid plagiarism. Caught plagiarism will be muted.
  • You can use your own photo or give a proper citations if the photos are not yours.
  • Resteem this post and invite at least 3 of your friends to join.
  • Comment Your post entry in the comment section.


First prize-50 Trx
Second prize-30 Trx
Third prize-20 Trx



This contest starts from April 16 ~ April 24-2022

As an additional prize, we will prioritize those contest entries for booming support program! We are extremely excited to look at those entries from all of you and we are expecting all our dear members to participate.

Take part in the continuous support of our community by delegating your steempower to our community.

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SP delegators will receive monthly payout depends of how much you delegate to @japansteemit.

100 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP3000 SP


Join the fun and post your entries now!

The Steem Japan Team

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Omg! I love the contest, I had lots of this... Will be writing my entry soon.


wow very interesting contest to participate in, of course this contest must have the art of photographing drinks to win it, hopefully get a chance to participate.

Nice contest. I'll try to have my entry.

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