Attention Members! Here are the Guidelines on How To Have A Booming Support

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Greetings to you all Steem Japan members! As we all know that our community is one of the chosen communities to receive monthly support from booming- Tier 2, which suggests we will submit 3 posts per day to be upvoted by booming account. For transparency purposes, we might wish to inform you about the quality of the posts to be submitted by booming.

We received a letter from booming and this time we prefer to share this publicly.

Here are the rules of booming support, pls kindly read:

  1. Authors cannot have their posts submitted more than twice per week.
  2. The posts offered to us must be #steemexclusive.
  3. Posts that have already been upvoted by @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 won't be eligible for additional @booming votes.
  4. Booming can also support the competition post from your community account and help to build your community SP, you'll nominate them, 3-4 times per week may be suitable.
  5. Users who are using upvote bots can't be voted by booming. (If they want to use them on posts outside of the community that might be their choice, but ideally not for posts within the community)
  6. Any evidence of plagiarism or abuse will result in a community being dropped from this support program.

We hope that you have fully understood those rules especially the #steemexclusive tag in all of your posts on Steemit. Above all in those instructions, please pay attention to No.5.It's profanely stated that those users who are using "upvote bots" are disqualified from their support. It is up to you if you are going to undelegate to bots or not, you have control over what to do with your account. We just want to remind you that we can't submit your post for booming upvotes.No.6 It's about plagiarism, as we have known that plagiarism is an act of copying someone's work either by photos or by words, it's considerably prohibited in all blogging sites especially here in Steemit. Our admin @tomoyan had before caught that so-called” plagiarist ”. After giving a warning and does not stop, much better to mute that user and have him take no further support from the community.

Also, we have seen most users are only using photos with short stories on their posts. Those posts also are disqualified. Here in Steemit, we should always follow the standard content of 300 words or more (most especially for those who are English-speaking members). At least formulate a story, not just a mere picture. Remember that Steemit is a blogging site.

Lastly, please refrain from begging for votes or sending private messages to our moderators. If you continue doing it, we may mute your account. Begging for upvotes is additionally highly discourage in Steemit. Just create a post-worthy to have support!

Now that we are slowly having support from the curators, we also are asking you to support the Steem Japan community.

We recommend every member to follow these rules;

  1. Follow our trail.
  2. Delegate your steem power.
  3. Update or add your delegation, we ask each member (newcomers excluded only those who have enough steem power) to have a minimum of 100 steem power delegation.
  4. Set 20% of your payout to @japansteemit.
  5. Be active in commenting on other members' posts.

We are hoping for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Together let us build a strong Steem Japan Community.

The Steem Japan Team,

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Wow good news our community members

Great opportunity, i hope we get growth up together

All the best

Thank you for the update

Thanks for the guidelines and updates.

Hi @japansteemit,
October Steemit Team Support 👇
10月中は、Steemitチームからサポートされることになりましたので、 #steemexclusive (Steemit限定記事)のタグを忘れずに!
Post good contents and don't forget to use #steemexclusive tag

💡 Curation Guide 💡

  • Post about Japan (Japanese or English)
  • Set 10~30% reward to japansteemit
  • Follow our Curation Trail HERE
  • Delegate SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP
  • You won't get upvotes if you are Powering Down

Good news! Thanks for the update.

The good news : I've made a post about POWER UP that follows all the rules written in this post. I believe my post worth considering as the chosen post to get support from the booming. Please check on my blog. Maybe it will be an encouragement for all members in this community.

I'm sure we will all be successful in this community.

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Hopefully with this support we can be more creative in our work and don't forget to build a community

Thank you very much for the complete information you provided in this post to get support from the booming.

This will be very useful and a guide for all members to work in this community.

For the future I will always try to make posts that meet the requirements to be supported by all curators, either booming or otherwise. Next week or in a few days I will add a steem power delegation for our curator account @japansteemit

Thank you very much for the attention and support of the STEEMJAPAN community admins to all members, especially @tomoyan , @juichi , and others. Hopefully we can advance this community together.

Thank you for this informative article.
Thank you for this update.

Thank you so much for this information

Thank youso much for sharing such am informative post.

Thank you @japansteemit for informing us...

This is really a helpful information thank you for this.

Informasi yang sangat lah berguna bagi semua 😊

@booming support us, this is great news. Thank you very much for this very complete information.

I will try to make posts like the conditions you wrote here. Hopefully our community can help each other.

It is good to know about this. Thank you so much this will really guide us as we post

Noted on this. Thanks for this wonderful information.

Thank you very much for this detailed guidelines. It is very useful to us. God bless!

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This is noted. Thank you japansteemit for the helpful updates.

thanks for the guidelines..very helpful!

Thank you for the helpful information.

Great updates

Thank you for this information, I already followed the curation trail and hopefully will write and post in here soon

I really understand the existing rules, thank you

Thanks for the guidelines and the opportunity to participate

thank you japan steemit, this information will give us new motivation. thanks.