One of the vegetable flowers that has a beautiful charm || no plagiarism > original photography @figure-village🌏⛩

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The golden flower is on the pumpkin


Best wishes for all the people of @japan-steemit wherever you are, especially good luck always for the witness, and admin, and moderator and curator 01 who may be busy monitoring posts on japan-steemit.

Furthermore, on this occasion, I want to share a story with japan-steemit by presenting a post of fresh golden yellow flowers that grow on a pumpkin stalk as a vegetable plant behind my house.

And this is a beautiful and beautiful golden yellow pumpkin flower and this flower will later turn into a pumpkin that is commonly used to be eaten and processed for various kinds of food by culinary experts.

I think everyone knows about pumpkins and their life can be anywhere and not only in Indonesia but in all countries it can grow perfectly.

My family really likes pumpkins, that's why my family always grows pumpkins as a staple in the family but that doesn't mean we make pumpkins our staple food, but pumpkins are always available at home as stock for our family needs🥭🤠

The golden flower is on the pumpkin


As information from me, consume more pumpkins so that your stomach is healthy, this is the recommendation of specialist doctors who have proven the greatness of pumpkins for our stomach health.

That's my diary this afternoon, I hope it has meaning for you.

What needs to be remembered is about the benefits of pumpkin which has extraordinary properties for our stomach.

So basically pumpkin is the king of stomach medicine and good luck

Regards @figure-village🌏⛩🙏

The golden flower is on the pumpkin


The golden flower is on the pumpkin


The golden flower is on the pumpkin


The golden flower is on the pumpkin


The golden flower is on the pumpkin


The golden flower is on the pumpkin


The golden flower is on the pumpkin


Screenshot_20220619-144247_Samsung Internet~4.jpg

Aceh Sumatra Indonesia, juni, 22, 2022

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