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You'll find him in Marvel's comics and if you like you can watch some films. I can't remember I did and if it didn't impress me. That's how it works, you forget if it's not of your interest or catchy enough.

no idea if this film with a red and black spiderman is worth watching. Anyone?

Therefore, another spider I do remember: the black widow. Famous she is because she consumes her hubby after the deed. Most likely she isn't an exception, bees and ants take care of their males too till their dead so to say. They don't see any point in keeping useless members of their society alive. I heard ants have a graveyard I thought among animals only elephants have graveyards.

If it comes to useless... looks as if the Pfizer jab does the cleaning up among humans. More and more people die. Soon the average age will be thirty if governments won't put a halt to it. I wonder where all the money comes from and how much more Pfizer needs. Be honest if we all are dead there's nothing to sell, no one to jab or lie to. Except oneself.

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