Day 1504: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: richest people

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Prompt: richest people

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The richest people in the world are the old European nobility such as English, Swedish, and Dutch Queens, some Kings and prices of some Arabic countries, and some moguls from India and China. There are also international banker families such as Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, and several others that don't want to be known. At the same time, nowadays there is a new rich called "digitaries" ( I think this is the term). Those are the companies that offer many digital and information services such as Google, Facebook, etc. They don't need banks in monetary transactions and now there's a big fight is going on between those players for the world dominance in financial transactions.

China is rich. They own the most gold while the rest of the world keeps printing money.
Several others like Bill Gates, Soros and Ophrah Winfrey

China is not that rich yet. Its economy now is going through a difficult time and its government reserves are about three trillion dollars.

As far as Gold is concerned:

Russia 10.6%
South Africa 6.6%
The United States 6%
Indonesia 5.2%
Brazil 4.8%
Peru 4.6%
China 4%

People on the Forbes list are far from being the richest. The richest people are heading their assets and fluids via figureheads.

Oprah's worth is $2.6 B
Mark Zuckerberg's is $122B
Gates' worth is $139B
Jeff Bezos' worth is $205.4B
Elon Musk's worth is $290.3B

Rothchild's worth is about $400 B
Rockefellerworth is about $418 B

Thanks for the update. Rich or 'worth' is how you see it and where you influence people.

How much of the worth is extra printed money? I hope they all will live a long and happy life on their island of welfare.

Worth is only marginally connected with printed money.

Printed money is something that is imposed on the rest of the world by the US Federal Reserve (which is not a US company, but is owned by international bankers).

Worth is accounted for by owning land, shares in large corporations, commodities, manufacturing facilities, and agricultural products.

Gates, for example, is now the largest owner of the US farmland. What is he planning to do with it, only God knows. However, I heard that African women already refuse to use his free malaria vaccine, because after taking it they lose fertility.