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Attending a party with alcoholic drinks served can be in two different views from my experiences. One group is anti-social and the other is a civilized drinker

The first group will be the group who does not know when to stop until they totally drunk and unable to take care of themselves anymore. They will just sleep anywhere including the side road once they are drunk. I did not call them anti-social because they are. The reason for me to call them that is because they will classify those who do not want to get drunk with them as an anti-social person. They will compete about their tolerance to alcohol and brag about it. They look down on people that do not drink the way they do and put them aside. Well for this kind of group, I will rather be put aside than end up sleeping in my own vomit.

I prefer to be with a civilized drinker group that know how to stop and respect others by not forcing others to drink with them. They will take care of each other and make sure everyone in the group have safe place to sleep or went back home safe and sound.

I did not categorize these two groups with the difference of their education and their wealth, though sometimes in my position, that is how it looks.

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Wealthy people might not end up easily at the side of the road but they do end up in their own vomit, fall of their own stairs and worse. They might get away with it easier. The bragging is the same. Our present king is a good example of it.

I never join in with the real wealthy people. Alchohol is good in moderation or cooking but for consuming it, none gave me a beautiful memory.