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( June 18, 2022; BackRe(Action) )

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I read a lot of news about science and science policies. This probably doesn’t surprise you. But it may surprise you that most of the time I find science news extremely annoying. It seems to be written for an audience which doesn’t know the first thing about science. But I wonder, is it just me who finds this annoying? So, in this video I’ll tell you the 10 things that annoy me most about science news, and then I want to hear what you think about this. Why does science news suck so much? That’s what we’ll talk about today.

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Why? Easy: it mostly serves an agenda. Yes, it's ever-changing, but the past two years have shown us that so-called scientists are embroiled in corporate interests too, and they are more opaque than lead under xrays about it

Yeah, I have lost a lot of trust and respect for the medical profession since 2020, too.

She hit a lot of my "pet peeves" in the video, though. Especially the way that science journalists don't link their sources, and don't list the publication dates.

Greetings friend!
When reading the publication of the related video, I can understand the annoyance of its author, what she says is true, a lot of expired information that people publish as current, the web is invaded by this. It is important to cite the sources from which said information is obtained and thus be able to corroborate it, in addition to not plagiarizing the writing of other people.
I find this article interesting, thanks for sharing... blessings!!

I think you were a bit upset , well it happens to all of us , this type of news is interesting in my opinion , I 'll tell you what I do not like , when they focus on robots that will possibly replace humans , it makes me angry , imagine , humans they create robots to replace them in many activities, I think that humans come first, but the way things look, it won't be like that, but I respect your opinions and of course you

I wasn't angry, but many of her points are things that have also frustrated me about science news coverage. Maybe if enough people see posts like these, journalism will reform itself. ;-)

It is easy to spot how science news suck especially when the individual has vast knowledge on that particular field. I experience this a lot when I read some technology articles. The authors sometimes just throw jargons around just to make it seem like they know what they are talking about.