An astrophysicist explains the often-misunderstood nature of dark energy - Ars Technica

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( June 15, 2022; Ars Technica )

Description: ""When it comes to dark energy, we're just, well, we're in the dark, right?""

Despite being hard to pin down, Paul goes into why dark energy is now the dominant factor in our Universe's evolution. And he spends some quality time with theoretical physicist Benjamin Wandelt talking about how we might get a better grip on what dark energy is. For now, those mostly consist of observations of the Universe's expansion at different scales and across different times to get a better sense of whether its influence has been a constant or a variable, and the size of structures that it has influenced.


20 minues to say, we don't really know. ;-)

"Dark Energy" is apparently a rebranding of the inflation that has been observed in the expansion of the universe. At present, it accounts for 70% of the matter and energy in the universe. Eventually, it will account for nearly 100%. When pressed to provide an explanation, Benjamin Wandelt weighs in with the idea that it can be understood as a cosmological constant. He also says that the most pressing need is to understand how it relates to fundamental physics, and that we will understand it better in the next decade.

And here is the embedded YouTube video:

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It's the aliens' fault haaaaa, it's a joke, however it could be true, everything is possible :)

Astrophysics is not particularly one of my key interests, but the notion that the universe keeps on expanding has my attention. I wonder if the dark energy can be harnessed like other forms of energy.