DISCUSS: “Mass Psychosis” Trending on Twitter

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The concept of a ‘mass psychosis’, an unrecognised force which is influencing humanity in its darkest hour, has been gaining traction on social media. It might provide a useful mechanism to explain how so many people could be fooled by a fake pandemic, but is it in danger of letting certain narrative kingpins and zealots off the hook?

In The Last American Vagabond’s The Daily Wrap Up, Ryan Cristián covers Mass Formation Psychosis’ recent public exposure. He says that the media’s attempt to recast this issue as ‘far right’ is ‘waking people up to the illusion of the two party paradigm’. He adds that mass formation is a ‘large part’ if not the ‘entirety’ of the covid phenomenon, but adds the caveat that there are ‘a lot of other factors involved’.

The term ‘mass formation’ comes from the work of Prof. Mattias Desmet, a psychoanalyst from Ghent University, whose theories on Mass Formation, or Mass Psychosis Formation, were recently expounded by Dr Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan Experience.

DISCUSS: “Mass Psychosis” Trending on Twitter

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"expounded" or exploited by Malone?!

Why do you ask? Did the interview give you the impression that Malone exploited the subject of Mass Formation Pychosis?

So much of what Malone says is carefully organized; he makes sure to stay away from conjecture, and makes it explicit when he is and is not citing studies vs. talking from personal experience, etc.

When they shifted to talking about our current circumstances as a society, he said very matter of factly that mass formation psychosis is indeed the situation in which we find ourselves, and took a much less scientifically rigorous tack. That ended up bookending the whole conversation, which would of course naturally serve as some sort of validation of a particular narrative.

There's an interesting tension there because so much of what Malone addressed that was specific to the COVID aspects of the conversation were from a very different angle.

I may have missed a transition in the conversation, and should let him off the hook, but I'm also just being a little contrarian to create some conversation.

I didn't know the term was trending on Twitter. What were people talking about?

I used to be very contrarian in my past, so I do understand you; however, I have learned that being contrarian fuels more argument than conversation.

I didn't know about the Twitter thing either, as I have been following Malone long before he became trendy. And it was actually Rogan who put the word out to his huge audience to share what Malone said about Mass Formation Psychosis, which is not really based on science, but rather sociology. And Malone did give credit to the concept's originator.

Rogan tends to jump from topic to topic, as 3 hours is plenty of time to cover lots of issues.

I believe Malone has good intentions, and is genuinely concerned about humanity. And his speaking out is costing him more woes than joys or gains.