Towards global economic collapse.

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Towards global economic collapse.

The economic collapse that is coming is going to be greater than that of 2008 and even greater than that of the 1930s, the signs show, they are stages of the programmed plan.

Data: Mon 30 May 2022 09.36 BST)
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We start with the statement issued by the federation of small businesses in the united kingdom, more than 500 thousand companies are at risk of bankruptcy in the next six weeks, the reasons are the rise in operating costs, for example, energy because imagine that any company that produces and has machinery has to pay a 300% increase in energy.

If we go to the employees that these can have and I am going to be very conservative, let's say that it has 10 employees, which is very few for a company, it can have 50 and it can have 100, but let's be very conservative, five hundred thousand companies for 10 employees are five million people that they can be left on the street, without pay and that is in Great Britain.

This data is only published in such a clear and explicit way in Great Britain, but this happens all over the planet because the prices of energy, transport, oil, raw materials, everything has gone up by hundreds of percent all over the world. the world, it's not just Great Britain.

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Another indication of the collapse is what is happening especially in technology companies, the Nasdaq graph shows a historic drop and they are already down 30% so far this year, you know what that means and the big crash.

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And finally comes the collapse of the SPACS (special purpuse acquisition Company) or the STARTUP, which are recently created innovative companies with rapid growth and with external financial dependence on an investment company such as Sequoia Capital from the USA, which is an excellent startup accelerator. that shows enormous profitability, that is, they are super professional and have generated enormous profits for their investors.

This company has communicated that a "death spiral" is approaching, telling its startups that they have "30 days to organize the maximum possible liquid capital as a survival budget for the next 24 months" two years, ladies, the recession planned by the elites will last.

So the most important startup accelerator company in the US, Sequoia Capital, has just warned startups that they are not going to see a single dollar in two years because all these investors are going to suffer from this imminent stock market crash. values ​​and are going to lose a fortune especially the startups that were not prepared, gentlemen, what is about to happen is something big.

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