The World Economic Forum announces the Russian defaults.

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The World Economic Forum announces the Russian defaults.

Souce 23 Mar 2022

My friends, something is happening in all the economies of the world, they are going to fall like cards, many countries are going to default, that is what I see, new data is emerging here that is very important for you to know, first, many of you will know, some do not, that the country of Sri Lanka has declared bankruptcy, and parallel to that a new article appears at the end of March on the page of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The article is titled “What happens if a country defaults on its debts? ” of the FEM, what first draws attention is that it shows the central bank of Russia with its flag of course; and then he begins to give us general information that says "since 1960, 147 governments have defaulted on their debt", the definition of being in default is "the impossibility of paying your debts" very simply, that is, a country is left in default when it is considered impossible to pay its debts.


Within this article another very interesting thing appears and tells us that Russia has subsequently suffered sanctions in response to its invasion of Ukraine that have left it in a state of restriction that does not allow it to access its foreign currency reserves, that is to say, what It is not rubles, that is, dollars, euros, etc., in a total of 630 billion dollars.

Russia has its money reserves in certain banks, hundreds of institutions, it is a fairly large reserve, it is not true, it is one hundred 630 billion dollars, and it is sanctioned so that it cannot access them, ok, and then they tell us that Russia is about to remain in default on a debt.

“Russia could fail to pay $117 million in interest payments to foreign investors, experts are warning.”

On the one hand they tell you that Russia is about to be in default for 117 million dollars and on the other hand they tell you that the same actors do not let them access their money in a total of 630 billion, that is interesting. It is not by chance this whole war between russia and ukraine starts and suddenly a country goes bankrupt, like sri lanka.

Gentlemen, it is only a matter of time when the countries in default begin to fall like a house of cards, one after another, because what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine are the breadbasket of much of the world to begin with when We talk about food, secondly, they export oil and gas, so when there is a problem between the two of them, a domino effect begins throughout the world.

In conclusion, an area of ​​the world where 30% of the world's food comes from, plus a very large percentage of oil and gas energy, especially to Europe, has been strategically attacked, which has generated a dramatic rise in prices. in any part of the planet, the prices of gas, of oil are world index prices so, it does not matter where you live, you suffer the same, so ladies and gentlemen as we see the plan of the elites continues


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