I told you, Biden: "This pandemic isn't over."

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( May 12th, 2022, )

I told you, Biden: "This pandemic isn't over."

The elite's plan is long-term, we must not lower our guard, these people are not going to leave us alone, their plans are slavery and extermination.

At the same time the German chancellor comes out saying"The pandemic is not over. What we need is more money to fight Covid19, more vaccines and local production of vaccines around the world, a strong WHO and more resilience of our health systems. Thank you, Biden for acting together."

President Joe Biden and fellow world leaders called for a new push to quell the Covid-19 pandemic abroad, as the US and Europe marked grim milestones and American lawmakers balk at fresh funding. World leaders acknowledged Covid deaths surpassing 1 million in the US and 2 million in the EU. (Source: Bloomberg)


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