Beautiful Dragonfly

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Tonight all my friends are back with me again to share interesting posts, of course on this occasion I share no less interesting than yesterday which is about the grasshopper insect where this star is very easy to get around us.

This one animal is from the dragonfly family. One thing that is unique about this animal is its small, slender body which resembles a needle, hence the name needle dragonfly.


Needle dragonflies are also commonly found in water sources, such as swamps, rivers, lakes, or rice fields. They choose to live in clean and unpolluted water sources to lay their eggs so that their standard of living is guaranteed. That's why the presence of dragonflies can be used as an indication, whether the waters are still clean or polluted. Adult needle dragonflies will hunt their prey in the air, this is done mainly on small insects. Therefore, the presence of the needle dragonfly can also be a control against the mosquito population.



Needle dragonflies or commonly called damselfly, are insects that belong to the order Odonata, suborder Zygoptera (Lilies S., Christina, 1991). and Types of dragonflies are usually divided into two major groups, namely dragonflies or sibar-sibar and needle dragonflies

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