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Books are often referred to as windows to the world because by reading books we can find out what is in this world both now and in the past, the key is just reading.

By reading books we can learn many things that we did not know before. The more we read books, the more knowledge or information we can get.
Therefore the importance of literacy is reading books.

How to?

First, always start with serious intentions. Instill the intention from the heart that reading books is a source of knowledge.

Second, read at the right time. Choose the right time to read because the more effective you are in choosing the time, the easier it will be to understand the book you are reading.

Third, write down the important points of the books we read. Why is that? Because indirectly it will recall the memory of what we have read.

Fourth, making lists of reading books by making these reading lists makes us more motivated to immediately finish reading books and continue reading to the next book.

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