Visitation to the Blind students

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I am doing a throwback to Saturday 3rd of February 2018. The day was a lovely day I can never forget because I was touch to the bone and my experience on that faithful day changed my mentality.


I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria and in this part of the world, we always believe those that have a form of disability are nobody and they have been relegated to nothing in our society.

A visit to these blind students totally changed my mentality from the Nigeria society norm and I saw that day that these people have a lot to offer to the society. They are talented, intelligent and brilliant.

So, on this faithful day, Saturday 3rd of February 2018, we visited the FCT school for the blind, Jabi, Abuja here in Nigeria to celebrate a friend's birthday.


We decided to do something different from the normal way we celebrate by visiting the less privilege people in the society instead of hanging out in garden, park, beach, bar or restaurants. This was our own little way to give back to the society.


We prepared with us food and drinks to feed the blind students and we also went along with different gift for them.

When we got there we met their choir rehearsing. When I heard their sweet voice, tears was rolling down my eyes. Though they cannot see, their talent is out of this world. I've never seen any choir sing the way they sang even with their disability.


We were all happy to celebrate with them. We serve them meal and also donated some materials to them. They prayed for the celebrant and also sang sweet songs for the celebrant.


We also took pictures together.







My experience that lovely day prompted me to do more charity work and since that day I've been involved with a lot of charity work. I have visited different schools, motherless homes, villages and so on. I have also organized different skills acquisition for the youth.

I have done all these and many more to give back to my society and to make the society better which in turn will make the world better.

Let us all take it as a duty to put smiles on people's face.

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards

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