My 2021 Boomplay statistics

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I am a lover of music and I love all kinds of music.

I love listening to music whenever I'm doing anything and I spend hours in a day listening to music from different streaming platforms like audiomack, Spotify, Boomplay, and so on. I also listen to downloaded songs on my devices.

Recently, Boomplay which is one of the streaming platforms I use released my stat for the year 2021 and I am happy sharing it with you all.


My journey on Boomplay started on the 23rd February 2021 and up till the day the stat was released, it was 251 days of listening to music on Boomplay.


The first song I listened to was Gomey's Interlude on Laycon’s Young Black And Gifted (YBAG) album.


In all, I listened to a total of 3,923 songs which made up to 196.5 hours.


My average listening time per day was 32.5 minutes and I out done 82% of people on Boomplay.


I listened to music spread across many genres but mostly Afrobeat and Hip Hop Rap.


My favorite artist was Laycon. Laycon is a Nigerian Afro Rap artist. He won the Nigerian reality show called Big Brother Naija is 2020 and I have been following him since then. He's actually my number one favorite now.


I listened to Laycon 3,445 times and I listened to Filthy Intro the most.


I listened to 98% homegrown music. This is to show my love and support for Nigerian music.


I was a VIP subscriber for 25 days and enjoyed 291 vip songs.


My music keyword is Vibrant.

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