Visit to Designing School : Udaipur

in hive-159906 •  2 years ago 

A couple of days back I visited the Designing Institute in Udaipur. They actually organised a seminar in which they showcased their student's talent in making different handicrafts. The place or say the institute was beautifully decorated giving justice to its feild of work. The students over their worked their level hard and made some eye captuting things which seemed soo different and amazing for sure. Soo here is a bit glimpse of the things which were there.

The way they have decorated this little corner of their institute just got my eyes over it...


A look towards the southern parts of India


Beauty of Rajasthan


Doll made up of quilling and wool


Map of Rajasthan


Sooo all the pictures above contains something different and all are handicrafts by the students of the Institute....All over it was a nice experience to a new place.

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