Important Announcement - Curie is Transitioning to a New System to Support Communities

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With Communities now online on and other frontends, Curie is planning a transition to a community curation model. Curie has also created its own Community, which you can visit here:

But first, a recap. When Project Curie first formed in the summer of 2016, Steem was a very different place. There was no organisation, and 90+% votes were given to a handful of users by a handful of whales. Newbies with good content and engagement were left undiscovered, eventually to give up and leave.

The goal of Curie was to use delegated Steem Power from benevolent whales who were not interested in or skilled at curating, but recognized that curation is crucial for Steem, and offer it to talented curators who may not have the stakeholding to distribute significant votes. Broadly, the target was to kickstart a thriving ecosystem of curation with many curation projects and curators, as well as to encourage and retain the most engaged and creative content creators.

With some changes and evolution, the core Curie general curation has worked as curator-review system. Any curator can submit posts, a reviewer will then evaluate and vote on the post accordingly.

In mid-2017, Communities were announced as a top focus for Steemit. As a response, Curie started experimenting with community curation, where vetted curators were responsible for their own curation, without a reviewer needing to evaluate every post. Meanwhile, the core general curation continued parallel.

With Communities finally released, we can now transition to a purely community curation model. This will allow our system to be more efficient, with every post curated no longer needing reviews. Active curators will curate communities and interests of their choice. The obvious advantages of this model are that curation will now be immediate, will reach a broader audience, and with no reviews required, reviewers will have more time for curation. Further, with no reviewers fees required, curators will see most rewards. A drawback may be that curation quality will be lower without the review stage, but we have years of data on curator's performance to know there are plenty of great curators. Curie's best curators historically will get higher influence, ensuring quality is maintained. Reviewers will continue to monitor and work with curators. All curators also have access to Curie's tools (such as our submission system Becquerel) and knowledge.

Curie will share 100% of curation rewards back to curators, which is a sustainable financial model. Additional surplus from witnessing will go towards community building and development as always.

Of course, Curie will still have a system to onboard and train new curators in the future, using aspects of the general curation system. Once curators reach a specified level of performance, they can graduate to curating communities themselves. There'll also be a system for giving out large votes to truly exceptional content, and the criteria for those will be on a much higher level than it used to.

We will use rest of the month to establish the new system, select best curators and organize them in the most suiting communities and also create guidelines for work. Our transition will go live first of next month.

Additionally, Curie community is now open, where you are welcome to write posts that are in the spirit of Curie when it comes to quality. It will be regularly overviewed and supported by reviewers and general curators, and also moderated to ensure the high standard.

If you believe in Curie and quality curation, please consider delegating to @curie or following @curie's voting trail, and voting @curie as witness. Also join us on Discord here: Your support makes Curie possible.

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I wanted to personally write and thank you for the curie community! When you share my posts there is a huge jump in numbers, which for me is a much-needed boost towards reaching more PEOPLE with this exciting adventure of RUNNING AROUND THE WORLD... plus added benefits of the plant-based message and motivation reaching a wider audience. I can't thank you enough! 👍👍👍😇

I'm deeply grateful for Curie and I must admit that the Curie community is the first light that shined on our posts. First is the financial reward that is a world away from our usual upvotes, but more importantly more people see the posts. With Curie Steemit is alive and well, therefore my support for Curie is eternal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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All this time and I thought I had, but JUST voted for @curie as a witness!

Hello @curie team and community members... Just a quick note to announce that I have clicked on the 'Join' button (or whatever it was) so, I guess I'm now officially, a happy member of this community :>)

Best wishes to all.

That sounds exciting. I was looking forward to it.

Thanks for all this information. I feel like a member of the @curie family and I comment on post curations. I like the quality and the variety of the themes. I wish success for new goals

Awesome plans. Just joined your community.
Looking forward to offer you some high quality #Steemskate posts. By the way, our skateboarding community is live if anyone wants to take a look.

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That is awesome to see the changes in @curie as the site changes! It will be interesting times ahead!


🎁 Hi @curie! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @dswigle!

Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

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Awesome, glad to see you guys and gals are changing with the times.

Thanks for your explanation @curie of your new system. I plan to join you in your community. I'd like to become a curator.

Wow, Bravo!
I love that you have your own community.
No doubt Curie has been part of my growth.
Count on my support.
Happy life.

Thank you @curie

Following your curation trail and appreciate the work you do to support smaller accounts and especially content creators that deserve more.

how do i to cancel delegation ?

Infinite successes in this new methodology, hopefully a lot of good fruits!

Awesome .... I just Joined your Community. Looks great.

I definetly wish you all the best @curie, however I'm surprissed that you didn't reply to even one comment :(

Gradiosooo :D