Nutbox Proposal for Rewarding Sunny & Bai‘s Work

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背景 Background


Nutbox has become the second largest delegation of Steem since its launch, which has brought relatively rich returns to users. The development of Nutbox has brought about a rapid increase in workload. As a new member, it is a great honor to participate in the work of team members recently. Me & Bai‘s work mainly involves translation, business development and operation. Hope that with the efforts of the team, Nutbox can bring more help to the ecosystem of blockchain.

Main Task

翻译 Translation

  1. 翻译Nutbox Lite Paper Translted Lite Paper 【from Apr 27, 2021 to May 02, 2021 】

商务 BD

  1. 联系并对接Nutbox Slot Auction产品的多个合作方,包括Crust、Plasm、Darwinia、Phala、Bifrost、Clover等在内的14个项目方 Contacted and connected with multiple partners of Nutbox Slot Auction products, including 14 project parties like Crust, Plasm, Darwinia, Phala, Bifrost, Clover etc.【from Apr 20, 2021 to May 20, 2021 】
  2. 参加Huobi Labs训练营并咨询Nutbox合规方案 Participated in training camp of Huobi Labs and consulted Nutbox compliance proposal【from May 27, 2021 to May 31, 2021 】
  3. 参与波卡生态中国行并进行Nutbox项目路演和宣发 Participated in the Polkadot Eco China Tour and conducted the Nutbox project roadshow and publicity【from Jun 05, 2021 to Jun 06, 2021】
  4. 参与Crust线下活动并达成多个项目方合作 Participated in the offline activity of Crust and reached cooperation with multiple project parties【from Apr 09, 2021 to Apr 12, 2021】
  5. 参与Nutbox AMA直播并解答社区成员疑问 Participated in the live broadcast of Nutbox AMA and answered questions from community members【 Jun 22, 2021】

运营 Operation

  1. 搭建Nutbox团队内部管理Dashboard Built the internal management dashboard of Nutbox team【from May 27, 2021 to Jun 20, 2021 】
  2. 建立和运营全球大使项目,确定了大使贡献回报体系,本月有4位大使晋升为Team member👍Built & operated global Junior Ambassador program, redefined the reward system of ambassador contribution and 4 ambassadors were promoted to team members this month【from Mar 12, 2021 to Jun 20, 2021 】
  3. 波卡生态中国行西安站海报制作和视频字幕制作 Poster production and video subtitle production of Polkadot Eco China Tour【from May 31, 2021 to Jun 07, 2021】
  4. 确定新的周报demo并更新周报 4 篇 Re-designed new weekly report demo & Weekly report x 4【May 24, 2021 May 31, 2021 Jun 07, 2021 Jun 14, 2021 】
  5. 日报 26 篇 Daily report x 26【from May 21, 2021 to Jun 19, 2021】
  6. 社群日常答疑 Daily Q&A in the community【from May 20, 2021 to Jun 20, 2021】

申请金额 Funds Requested

Steem ID: sunnyz
PNUT(万): 15

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