Nutbox Proposal for Rewarding My Work

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背景 Background


Nutbox has become the second largest delegation of Steem since its launch, which has brought relatively rich returns to users. The development of Nutbox has brought about a rapid increase in workload. As a new member, it is a great honor to participate in the work of team members recently. My work mainly involves translation, business development and operation. Hope that with the efforts of the team, Nutbox can bring more help to the ecosystem of blockchain.

Main Task

翻译 Translation

  1. 翻译Nutbox技术白皮书 Translte technical whitepaper 【from Mar 8, 2021 to Mar 19, 2021 】
  2. 翻译比特跳动加入区块链产业委员会新闻 Translte news of 《BitDance joins the Industrial Blockchain Special Committee》【 Mar 27, 2021 】

商务 BD

  1. 撰写并修改商业计划书-中英文两版 Write & rectify BP PPT (Both CN & EN version)【from Mar 28, 2021 to Apr 4, 2021 】
  2. 设计并制作Nutbox技术和经济白皮书PDF版 Design & produce the PDF version of technical & economic whitepaper 【from Apr 14, 2021 to Apr 15, 2021 】
  3. 重新设计并更新官网内容模块,包括招募和合作子页面制作 Renew & design the official website of Nutbox (including producing recruitment & partnership page) 【from Mar 12, 2021 to Apr 14, 2021 】

运营 Operation

  1. 建立和运营全球大使项目 Build & operate global Junior Ambassador program【from Mar 12, 2021 to Today 】
  2. 周报 2 篇 Weekly report x 2【Apr 12, 2021 & Apr 19, 2021】
  3. 日报 21 篇 Daily report x 21【from Mar 31, 2021 to Apr 20, 2021】
  4. 视频 3 条 Video x 3【 Mar 25, 2021 & Apr 2, 2021 & Apr 10, 2021 】

其他 Others

  1. 撰写Donut PPT-英文版 & 制作演示视频 Write Donut Project PPT(EN version) & produce display video【from Mar 14, 2021 to Mar 15, 2021 】

申请金额 Funds Requested

Steem ID: sunnyz
PNUT(万): 10

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I totally agree with this proposal. I think you are a fundamental piece of the team. Thank you for your amazing work and the support of the team.

Alejandro Aristeguieta
Junior Ambassador in Nutbox
CEO in Trading Capital - Outreach medium for decentralized investors in the new financial era on Steemit

  ·  last year 

Upvoted. Thanks for the great work @sunnyz.

Thank you for joining us all this way and being a motivating person.

Very good job!