Nutbox Proposal for Adjustment of Ambassador Rewarding Mechanism

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背景 Background

Nutbox Global Ambassador项目自2021年3月份启动以来,已经有9位新大使参与其中,经过各位大使的努力,正在有越来越多地区的人了解到Nutbox。
截止目前Nutbox已经为各位大使提交过5次月度奖励提案,总金额达:712.6K PNUT。

Since the Nutbox Global Ambassador program was launched in March 2021, 9 new ambassadors have participated in it. Through the efforts of the ambassadors, more and more people are learning about Nutbox. Up to now, Nutbox has submitted 5 monthly reward proposals for the ambassadors, with a total amount of 712.6K PNUT.

提案列表如下 Proposal list as follows:



However, in the process of 5 proposals' voting, Nutbox found that the voting participation and enthusiasm gradually decreased, and some proposals were not approved by the community. If things go on like this, it will affect the normal distribution of ambassador rewards.
In this regard, the Nutbox team has carefully considered and referred to various opinions, and suggested to optimize the ambassador reward distribution mechanism. Please refer to the following for specific adjustments.

优化细则 Optimization Details



🐿优化:大使月度奖励不再需要每月投票,经过发帖公布且5天内社区无异议后,大使的月度奖励将自动从DAO Fund扣除并发放


The new reward mechanism retains the original well-functioning part and optimizes the reward part.
😎 Retention: Continue to follow up the work of each ambassador weekly and summarize & update it monthly. Set rewards amount for each ambassador according to their workload in the current month to ensure the reasonableness of the rewards.
🐿 Optimization: The ambassador's rewards no longer requires monthly voting. After the post is announced and the community has no objection within 5 days, the ambassador's rewards will be automatically deducted from DAO Fund and issued.

If this proposal is approved by the community voting, it will take effect from the following month (i.e. September).

建言献策 Suggestions



The above adjustments and optimizations come from the improvement suggestions of the community and ambassadors. The governance of Nutbox needs to rely on the suggestions of community members. Hope that community members can supervise the work of Nutbox members and ambassadors.

Hope that Nutbox will develop further and attract more members as expected in the future and become an important backbone of the blockchain industry.

About Nutbox

Nutbox is a DAO operating system for Web3.0, as well as a diversified project combining "social + DeFi". With the help of the Crowd-Staking, DAO Services and Plugins and DAO Governance Protocol provided by Nutbox, the community can create its own community staking module and DAO platform just like creating trading pairs on Uniswap.

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