Ambassador Reward System Adjustment

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背景 Background

全球大使计划自 3 月份启动以来,一直运行良好。 通过大使们的努力,该地区越来越多的人正在了解 Nutbox。 经过几个月的运作,大使的奖励体系逐渐完善。

作为Modern DAO,我们一直秉承去中心化和自治的理念,所以我们向大家阐明了我们最新的奖励制度,也希望更多的合作伙伴加入大使团队,成为我们中的一员。


Since the launch of the Global Ambassador program in March, it has been working well. Through the efforts of ambassadors, more and more people in the region are learning about Nutbox. After several months of operation, the ambassador’s reward system has gradually improved

As a Modern DAO, we have always been adhering to the concept of decentralization and autonomy, so we clarify our latest reward system to everyone, and we hope that more partners will join the ambassador team and become one of us.

On October 5th, PNUT reached the halving block, based on the change in the total number and value of PNUT after the halving.

In this regard, the Nutbox team has carefully considered and referred to various opinions, and suggested to optimize the ambassador reward system . Please refer to the following for specific adjustments.

调整细则 Adjustment Details

由于PNUT出块数量减半后价值未产生较大变化,Base Reward和Extra Reward部分暂未变动,与原有体系一致,Bonus部分会相应减半。

同时,大使需在Nutbox的Discord与Telegram群中保持一定活跃度,此条将作为Extra Reward的奖励指标之一。

As the value of PNUT has not changed significantly after the halving, the Base Reward and Extra Reward parts have not changed for the time being, consistent with the original system, the Bouns part will be halved accordingly.

The ambassador need to be active in Nutbox’s Discord and Telegram groups. This will be used as one of the reward indicators of Extra Reward.

Here is the new reward table :


  • 如无异议,此奖励制度10月正式生效。If there is no objection, this reward system will come into effect in October.
  • 若后期PNUT的价值变动较大,会根据实际情况另行调整。 If the value of PNUT changes significantly in the later period, it will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

建言献策 Suggestions



The above adjustments and optimizations come from the improvement suggestions of the community and ambassadors. The governance of Nutbox needs to rely on the suggestions of community members. Hope that community members can supervise the work of Nutbox members and ambassadors.

Hope that Nutbox will develop further and attract more members as expected in the future and become an important backbone of the blockchain industry.

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