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Global Ambassador项目自3月份启动以来,已经有8位新大使参与其中,一位来自印度,两位来自委内瑞拉,三位来自韩国,一位来自中国,一位来自马来西亚,还有一位来自美国。经过8位大使的努力,正在有越来越多地区的人了解到Nutbox。


Since the development of Nutbox, Peanut’s TVL has reached 6.77 million USD The current results are closely related to the publicity and promotion of the ambassadors.

Since the launch of the Global Ambassador program in March, 8new ambassadors have participated,1 from India,2 from Venezuela, 2from Korean, 1 from China, 1 from Malaysia, and 1 from the United States Through the efforts of 8 ambassadors, more and more people in the region are learning about Nutbox.

In order to encourage the contribution of the ambassador team, PNUT will be rewarded every month based on the work of the ambassadors. Hope that we will develop better in the future.

主要工作 Main Task 주요업무


The following figure shows the work of the ambassador team in the last month and the number of PNUT applications:

  • Task proof

上月奖励 Monthly Reward 월별 보너스


In summary, Nutbox is very grateful to all the ambassadors for their hard work during this period of time. They have contributed to the promotion of Nutbox in various countries and communities.

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