Nutbox burnt an additional 15 million Pnuts on October 1

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[Important News] Nutbox burnt an additional 15 million PNUTs on October 1, total of 40000000 pnut have been burnt so far.

【重要消息】Nutbox 已于10月1日新增销毁 15,000,000 枚PNUT,截至目前共销毁 40,000,000 枚 PNUT。

【속보】Nutbox는 10월1일에 PNUT 15,000,000개를 소각했습니다. 지금까지 총 PNUT 40,000,000개 이미 소각되었습니다.


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This is great! 😍

This is great👍👍

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Wow; congratulations

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Excellent 👍👍

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Luar biasa 👍👍s

哇,太棒了……在 10 月 1 日又烧掉了 1500 万个 PNUT,目前总共烧掉了 4000 万个 PNUT。

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피넛 800개를 보팅받을 주소와 함께 보냈는데, 보팅이 들어오지 않고 있습니다. 확인 부탁드립니다.

impressive, amazing 👍

What's the purpose of Burning Pnuts...???
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Wow amazing @nutbox.mine


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