Ignorance is the "Palace of Poverty."

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Growing up, I used to believe that achieving financial success was entirely up to chance and that there was little or nothing anyone could do to alter the course of fate with regard to their lives. At least, that's what we were told as children growing up in the village and were led to believe. So much so that even when people are enslaved to poverty, all you hear from parents when a child asks why there is never enough money are responses like "that is our fate" and "God will provide if he will." I eventually came to understand that all of these presumptions are simply based on ignorance. Where ignorance is prevalent, poverty rules.



Since even the poor have something, there is no such thing as insufficiency, poverty is a condition of not having enough to meet one's needs. Some people still feel content even though they don't have enough, believing that it is God's will for them to live in poverty. Ignorance is the cause of poverty; God never wants anyone to be poor. Where knowledge is useful, poverty may be overcome. Only knowledge can bring about reformation, and a man's potential is only as great as his knowledge. You must first defeat ignorance if you want to eradicate poverty.



Lack of knowledge is what is meant by the term "ignorance," not a lack of education. Additionally, this knowledge is typically not taught in schools. Most people hold the view that obtaining a graduate degree ensures financial success because the individual will land a good job. However, this is untrue, at least not in my nation. Many graduates are jobless and living in poverty because they only rely on their credentials to secure employment. This is the result of ignorance. The best that can be done with the education is to inform someone that Romeo and Juliet died together. something that is unrelated to real-world situations. Many people believe that education is the key to ending poverty, but education encompasses a wide range of concepts. Some information is unimportant and irrelevant to the circumstances. Any man will not benefit from knowing that in Shakespeare's play, Brutus betrayed Julius Ceaser. However, understanding how to become an entrepreneur and run a successful business will be more beneficial. But the majority of formal education systems do not offer this kind of training.



In fact, ignorance is a major factor in today's male poverty. People aren't productive because they don't know what to do or how to do it, which prevents them from being effective. And in most cases, this can result in apathy. Apathy is when a person loses interest in their situation or feels so helpless and powerless that they give up trying to make changes, right wrongs, correct errors, or improve circumstances. Additionally, it encourages jealousy in others. Some people may become envious of their family members or neighbors who try to accomplish something because they feel so helpless to do so. They seek a means of lowering the aspirant achiever to their level of destitution in order to accomplish this. Apathy is contagious.

People become poorer as a result of ignorance taking away their meager earnings. I've also seen a case of a man who has a wife, two children, and lives in a one-room apartment. Because of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, he would spend twice as much on an Android phone as he would on a year's worth of rent. A man goes about carrying a phone that costs as much as two years' worth of his house rent, despite the fact that his children are poorly cared for and his wife lacks decent clothing. This is blatant ignorance in action.



With statements like "Accept what you get because God has decided your fate," religion has contributed to keeping people ignorant and apathetic. It's acceptable to think that God controls our destiny but not our work. God decides for us based on the work we present to him. So many people's minds have been enslaved by religion, keeping them in a state of constant destitution. But I always advise people to "pray to God and row to shore." There is no doubt that God is in control of our lives, but we also have a duty to care for ourselves.

God gave us many skills to help us live better lives, but ignorance will prevent us from realizing our potential. God is never the reason for not taking action to improve one's condition; rather, ignorance is the main cause, which everyone can choose, cooperate, and organize in.


To end poverty, we must first combat and eradicate ignorance. The palace where poverty rules was built by ignorance. Poverty can be controlled once ignorance is eliminated.



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