List of Posts that Support the World Smile Project with Share Rewards | 16/02/2022

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As an opening word, we from the management of the World Smile Project would like to thank you for your dedication, loyalty and integrity in continuously supporting World Smile Project Int. We must continue to say the word "Thank You" because your contribution has been a way for World Smile Project Int to run a world-based Charity Program.

As in the separate publication submitted with the Theme "Official Curation Report @worldsmile", this is an embodiment of the gratitude that we can currently give, although on a very small scale, this is of course closely related to the very little Steem Power that we have, but with hard work and support like this we believe we will get more SP great for curating the donors.

Gratitude does not only come from us as the Management of the World Smile Project, but also from the beneficiary's extension of the programs and activities that have been carried out in the Steem For BetterLife Community. Hopefully this contribution will become a charity of worship for donors and become new energy for those who take advantage of donations.

In the following, we present posts that share rewards to @worldsmile as a form of support for the world Charity Program.

NumPost LinkShare RewardDescription
2@alee7550%Free Post
3@musdezal50%Free Post
5@jufrimj50%Free Post
6@nurafniaulia50%Free Post
7@asriani50%Free Post
9@fajrulakmal9950%Free Post
10@radjasalman50%Free Post

Here are 10 posts that distribute 50% Rewards to worldsmile accounts, the data above we summarize within 24 hours after the post is published, posts that distribute 50% Rewards to worldsmile accounts will continue to be updated every day and this is a form of appreciation from the World Smile Project Management to generous donors.

Cc: @steemcurator01 @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @irawandedy @klen.civil @sofian88 @liasteem @mariana4ve @bien

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