Let's Continue to Support the World of Charity, We are Construction of a Free Education Center in East Aceh District

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As the Free Education Development Project is being implemented in East Aceh District and is the second Project in the education sector, we officially announce that the World Smile Project requires support in the form of share rewards from users so that it can meet the needs of the Free Education development.

Currently the technical team consisting of @klen.civil and @sofian88 is conducting a material price survey as a reference in the preparation of the Design and Budget Plan.

It is important to carry out a price survey considering that each region has different prices for materials sourced from nature, such as river stone, bricks, landfill and other materials.

In an effort to drive @worldsmile Cash revenue generation as part of the World Smile Project's curated account, we expect members to continue to support this project voluntarily by continuing to distribute gifts to World Smile accounts.

Many programs that have been planned have not been realized, this is inseparable from program planning that needs to be prepared systematically, on target, and with careful preparation. For this reason, as an effort to encourage the availability of an adequate budget, we invite all parties to continue to participate through support as has been done before.

The following are posts related to the initial survey conducted by the team and at the same time the official announcement published regarding this activity

  1. WSP : Survey Report on the Construction of Free Education Centers in East Aceh
  2. Official Report | World Smile Project Int Program Update, Free Education Center Construction Part 2 [Payout 50% to Support #burnsteem and @worldsmile]

Our activities this month until the following month will be very busy considering that the scheme of activities we carry out will change and not focus on 1 country per month, but we encourage sustainable activities through country day tv shows that have World Smile Project representatives, in addition we will continues to open up opportunities to other countries that are committed to encouraging charities to be a part, but recruitment is carried out based on the track record of country representatives. For those who are interested in joining the World Smile Project charity program, please contact us via the discord on the cover page of this post.

We are grateful for the contributions and donations that have been given voluntarily, so that all World Smile Project Int Programs can be realized so far. However, the waiting list for important programs is still very large, so extra work is needed on all of them in order to drive a major increase in fundraising for the World Smile Project.

Let's keep donating...! and make the world smile

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World Smile Project Int Manager

Cc: @steemcurator01 @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @klen.civil @sofian88 @miftahuddin @ubongudofot @patjewell @adollaraday @huzaifanaveed1

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They say that when you start a business or buy a property the most important thing is location... location... location.
For me there is something far more important than location and that is education... education... education!
I urge Steemians to get behind this project.

I agree with your statement. The progress of a nation cannot be separated from quality human resources.