I'm I invisible to Curators?😓

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It’s interesting to see how the Engagement challenge is going so far since it was started last week, it has increased the activities of many steemians in the blog.

Many Steemians have also learned how to comment properly on other Users’ posts.
It has also helped So many steemians to appreciate the essence of Engagement which is a true feature of steemians.

Even with this, many User’s still get confused about why they are not being noticed. The question is why should you be noticed when you keep making Yes or No replies to other User’s Posts? Isn't it annoying or I'm I the only one noticing this?

Why Should you be noticed when you don’t care to reply to others at all?. I guess at this point you still want to know other reasons why you have not been noticed? well, let’s analyze it in simple terms by starting with the question below.

Why are my Posts Being Avoided?

I have seen these questions flying in a lot on the blog and so, I thought it would be nice to treat it as a publication, in that way User’s especially the Newbies and some of the Old Users who Seem to have forgotten the Code to succeed in the blog would be reminded of possible ways to stand out.

Seriously, I have noticed Something very Funny perse guys, what’s that? I have noticed the Complaint made by Users about unfair treatment and I am usually drawn to such Users to check, what could likely be a problem.

You won’t believe what I found out, now let me shock you, perhaps this is what you are experiencing, the information below will give you a clue of why you are not getting attention from Other Users or Curators.

Less Engagement

Most of those Users who compliant about their posts not being noticed comment less or do not even comment on other users' posts, have you noticed that too?

The question is how are you supposed to grow with this kind of practice? Why should you be noticed when you keep making short comments on people’s posts without even reading the content?

What’s my point? – Be engaging, and make quality replies to people’s content. Such acts reciprocate Naturally, believe me when I tell you this.

I have Experienced these on Several Occasions and I can tell you that engagement yields good results. Perhaps you could see this on @patjewell, @chriddi, @weisser-rabe blog, and many great Users, their replies are educational with deep meaning, you will learn more when you engage on such.

Let me tell you something. You see, just like every innovation, thousands of Users are coming into the steemit platform every day, you can Confirm that in the New Commerce Community.

That being the case, you need to stand out and win some love and one way you can achieve this is by creating Some good relationships with other Users. Read People’s Content with understanding, and Make meaningful comments on people’s posts. Not to make some Short comments like:

  • Good Job
  • Nice
  • wow...e.t.c

The above comments are actually comments, however, that’s not how to make a quality comment on a post. Saying “Good job” isn’t enough to be considered a quality Comment.

So, here is a suggestion for you; While thinking of what to comment on people’s posts and probably the idea of commenting just “Nice job” comes into your mind, just paused and ask yourself questions like:

  • What makes this Publication a nice Job?
  • Do I appreciate this publication and why?
  • Are there other things I can suggest to the User?

And you can only know about that if you read the User’s post. And when you make a meaningful comment, the User will reply to you meaningfully. And relationships can be formed from there. Comments are a very important duty of a Steemian.

Make sure you write in such a way that will make the user always remember you, and that can be achieved by making Meaningful comments, commenting well, and commenting more.

We have a lot to learn on this platform, personally, I have learned a lot of so many things I didn't know before. And one secret is that I read a lot of content on this platform every single day. And I spent nothing less than 3 to 4 hours doing such and I try to make some meaningful comments.

For Example, @patjewell is a good commenter I have a lot of other Good Commenters and she has gained much steemians attention from her good attribute of making quality comment on people’s posts, why not visit her wall to check if any of her posts are left without Comments, why did She gain such? - Because She gives out quality Comments to others. I hope this Can inspire you like it also inspired me.
Stop Complaining and try a new Strategy to improve on where you are lacking.

I have been involved in some good communication with her through Comments.

You can start that good habit today. Start with the Engagement Challenge. Note how Steemians are making quality comments. I stumbled over @the-gorrila Publication two weeks ago and I found it very interesting, I think you should have a look at it in this regard, It provides an in-depth discussion on this, I was actually attracted to the analysis or case study he used there, read it here ➡➡Why is Steemit So Unfair...?

This Comment made by SC01 below will also be of help to you.


They are noted for plagiarized content on many Occasions

When you are noted for always posting plagiarized content, Other Users would be afraid to comment on your posts.
Let’s be realistic; nobody wants to put/her self trouble, for this reason, it would be wise to always check your posts properly in other to avoid plagiarized content.

And make sure you post quality content with at least 300 words. Post Contents that have values, don’t just post because you feel like posting. You should ask yourself, what message I’m I passing? How will it benefit the Audience? Where can I post it?

Imagine this scenario: Let’s Say A User Writes a Diary Game in Crypto Academy, what would be his fate? Alright, I’ll let you answer that. Now, that’s my point. You should look for where your publication is suitable and useful.

Use Plagiarized checking tools to always check your contents before posting

They do not stick to a community rule

All Community Has their own rule, try to read them first before doing any activities there. This will also help you stand out. Otherwise, you will be odd.

Every Community likes Neat articles, so this calls for proper use of Markdown, also Check if there are Verification Process, make sure you follow it

They Use a Voting bot

I know that sometimes, we are always afraid of our post paying out $0.00 as a result of these, we are always tempted to use a voting bot. The truth is that when a User uses this, you may likely not get any Votes from any curator.
Avoid krsuccess

Sometimes they get involved in some unnecessary arguments

Avoid any argument that will lead you into trouble, in case of any issue, settle it amicably. Accept Corrections, work toward amendment.

They post publications in a Bot Running Communities

Those running bots communities pay for upvotes. Unfortunately, most newbies are not aware of this. Sometimes it looks funny when you see a newbie posting there with just one flower and expecting to be curated, isn’t that funny?

Sadly, such one will be there for as long as this platform is concerned and he/she won’t smell a vote.

Check around the above-listed points and check yourself again if you are free from them, if you are free, then you are good to go, better days are coming, be patient.

What's My take?

In as much as you are free from all the things I mentioned above, keep being consistent in your writing and focus. Power up as much as you can, and make sure you are in a club, at least Club5050. Visit all the Curation team here in the @steemitblog to read about all the right tags. Don't you think the stress of thinking about Votes will reduce if you consider all these points?

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You are right, of course. It's just like real life: if what you have to say is interesting, important, entertaining, new, educational, remarkable or extraordinary, you get attention. The more people take notice of you, the greater your reach. And the more your reach grows, the more certain you are to "land" with the people whose attention you want... But if you are boring, superficial or disrespectful - you will remain alone...

Du hast natürlich recht. Es läuft genau wie im richtigen Leben: wenn das, was Du zu sagen hast, interessant, wichtig, unterhaltsam, neu, lehrreich, bemerkenswert oder außergewöhnlich ist, bekommst Du Aufmerksamkeit. Je mehr Leute Dich zur Kenntnis nehmen, desto größer ist Deine Reichweite. Und je mehr die wächst, desto sicherer wirst Du auch bei den Personen "landen", deren Beachtung Du Dir wünscht... Bist Du aber langweilig, oberflächlich oder respektlos - bleibst Du allein...

Exactly, and i can attest to this. But unfortunately, alot of people doesn't have this clue, thats why i put those thoughts of mine into writings, perhaps ..someone who is crying out there can really benefit from the information.

I know, i have encouraged alot of User's privately concerning this through our various community WhatsApp and Telegram Groups.... , the good thing is that most people respond positively to the advice,

Unfortunately, great Number didnt want to practice that and now most of them are no more in the platform, because they said it's bored..🤷‍♂️.

But the real picture here is that ..they themselves where bored, that was why the platform seems to be bored to them.

I told them to engage with people through Comments by reading people's posts...and not just reading but trying to understand the content.

We have good numbers of great Authors here of which you are one 😊, but you won't know them if you don't read🤷‍♂️.

Personally, i have some Authors i check thier blog every single day to check for New unformation to read, usually, that help me in updating my IQ and thats why i make sure that i read every single day even if i dont make a post.

But i know i must make a post at the end of the day😊 anyway.

Thank you very Ma for sharing your input in this, i beleive it will help others too who will come accross this post.

My works go unnoticed too and its so saddening

Thank you @danokoye for responding.

May i know if you are responding to the heading of my post? Or you are responding to the content...?

And if you feel you are unnoticed, i'll adviced you take time to read this content and those references, i believe, it will help you check your self to know what likely is the problem.

Note: The content above is strongly supporting self check and engagement, it is not a compliant.

Im replying to the heading bruhhh
Im doing some self evaluation already

Perhaps, the heading was design to catch your attention, which it has, but the main thing is in the content.

Read ...Read...Read the content!!, thats the main thing , when you read the content, that is only then you will understand why that heading was suitable for this information and what you need to do if you are a victim of the information above.

And good to know you are doing some evaluation in yourself, let's see how it goes for you..

This is very inspiring for me ...im reading it already

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Thank you very much @harferri for the support, i really appreciate and will try my best to keep making quality contents.😊

and I am also my best friend, I have never found my post to get good support so far even though I have been active in playing on steemit it's been two months I didn't get the best for my post by steemcurator01.

Thank you for the kind words! But, this post is not about me. It is about you and I want to congratulate you for listening to me! 👏🏻👏🏻
This post is by far your best post for me.
You have put my advice to pratice and you have been noticed. 😊
Well done! Keep it up and you will be that dolphin soon.

Thank you so Much 😊, you never fail to encourge me.

I am so grateful for your kind words, ofcourse i will get to dolphin soon😊..i am working towards it and i will get there and we would all celebrate it😊🙏

Indeed we will! 😊

Thats ✅ Right 😊👍.

All said are quite necessary to attract others to yourself. But often than not , most content creators here seldom read comments on their posts. This may not be deliberate as their accounts has been robotised.

We msy need other social media engagement to reach such creators.?

You are totally entitled to your own opinion.

However, the statement below is what i do not understand...., can you please explain what you mean...?

All said are quite necessary to attract others to yourself.

I see comment to be a very powerful tool and very necessary. If account is robotized, then there would not be Engagement.

My aritcle above is promoting engagement.

I believed the comment section would be a very useful medium to communicate with other User's, not everyone will respond to you in a private message.

Thanks for your contribution.

II meant your entire write up is intended to tutor us on how to get the attention of others within the steemit community.

I also added "Most creators have robbotised their,accounts, thus engaging them as suggested wouldn't be effective.

I hope , i haven't offended you whatsoever..

Best Wishes

Alright, i get it now. Well, i think such accounts are easy to locate and wouldnt be a nice ground for egagement.

Thanks for your concern and understanding.

But i do think @whyaskwhy have some fundamental issues with presentation hence he is not progressing as as wished.

Would you please elect to be his guide??

I hope he is not asking for the impossible??

In the steemit platform, we learned everyday, and one thing that can help us to progress is if we are ready to adjust to the good things we learned.

I think everything you need is in this post. All you have to do is to do a check on your self and act on it. Thats what you need.

Check those Areas you are not doing well, Check how other good writers are doing, give yourself a task to try something new, check were you have some lapses...

Act on it.

This is one way i can help you, giving you those tips and i've done that....it's you turn now to act on it.

Very well articulated. I will strive to adopt as many of the recommended actions.


very educational writing my friend, this message really helps steemian understand how to be involved and appreciated. I am waiting for other interesting information from you. @ubongudofot

Thank you so much my brother. This are little ways we can assist ourselves by providing some vital information that can help anyone to make progress.

I'm glad you like it.

Ofcouse, i'll be posting much educational contents like this. Thank you so much.

good job, I'm waiting for the next steemit educational post from you.

Alright, no problem, on the way😊. Stay tune by next week.

This post has been a great reminder to me to always engage. Since steemit is a social media platform, so do we need to be social as well and get noticed. I am a living witness about @patjewell's growth. I sometimes wonder how she does it. She has really being noticed in the platform. So do I also want to be.

Thank you for reminding us once again

Oh wow! I'm shedding tears!! Thank you!
It was a very busy day for me on Steemit and at home and this was just what I needed. hugs


Very good observation of what is happening here and very good tips!
Here is the very best tip to all the "disappointed":
If you write to get rewards and make money, forget it! It looks unnatural and greedy. If you write because you enjoy it and because you can, write! People will read your posts, which is the greatest success for a writer. And then - and only then - can you be happy about a higher Steem reward. But that should only be the icing on the cake, never the reason that drives you to write!

Excellent post with all the good points

Thank you very much my friend, i hope this will provide a good assistance to some Users who are facing this as an issue.

I read the whole post, and I can tell you're right, sir, but only in theory. The truth is, when you put that into practice, people STILL pass from you, and they are only interested in noticing, commenting and upvoting those who are of some interest for them: curators, community founders and moderators, users with a lot of SP that have influence here, and some contests creators (I say some, because I AM a contest creator, and I'm invisible).
I'm not currently being consistent with comments, but I surely have been through my stay on the platform, and it's not as easy as you make it look, sir, sorry.

I mentioned, commenting as one of the key factor to excel here. And in one of your statement, you said "you are not consistent in commenting"....., what do you want me to say then..?

And mind you , i have been through that before....go check my wall and my activities.

And now, the post i made was to Educate other steemians on how to be active here in the blog.

So, what i'll tell you now again is this....go back and read that post, do those things, be patient and be consistent.

Sorry if my comment made you angry. I was trying to say I used to be just the way you describe in that post, and it didn't work... just saying, sorry. I know what you're saying is correct, and I know that's the way every user should be here in the platform.

No, i am not angry, i was only passing a reminder.

Well, thank you for the good advice, sir :)