Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: I love myself to the moon and back by @temitopef

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Good day Steemians, and welcome to my blog, I am so happy to be here in this community, and I hope everyone is doing great. Today I will be joining the contest organized by this community with the topic: "I Love Myself to The Moon and Back". Go with me as I share with you how I love myself, my doubts, and what I do to prioritize my happiness.

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What are the doubts you have (can be personal or related to Steemit)

As human being, we do think a lot and with that, fear and doubts are something we cannot but experience at certain stages in life or when taking some steps, I do have doubts both personal or related to Steemit and I will be telling you about it below.

My Doubt About Steemit

I could remember all my doubts in my early days on Steemit, there were no votes and I felt like:

  • Am I not doing the right way?

  • Is my post not quality enough?

  • Is there something I need to know about the platform that I didn't?

  • Is there any criteria for voting? All these are what my doubt was about then.

  • I asked questions, this is one of my personality, when I'm curious or having doubt about something and I know there are people that know about it more than I do and can enlighten me, I go straight to them and asked questions till I have a better understanding of the that thing.

    This is also what I did about Steemit, I asked questions and from there I got my answers that vote is not guaranteed but I should continue being active, consistent, and engaging with my fellow Steemians. From that moment all my doubts got cleared and I promise to do my best.

    My Personal Doubt

    Anytime things are not going well for me, I do have doubts, I am the type of person that thinks a lot. An example was when I was on the sick bed and some of my friends decided not to talk to me again because they thought I won't make it out alive, I started doubting also after looking at the pictures that my sister took, seeing myself so thin and not looking good, I doubted that maybe they were right, maybe it was the end of the road for me then.

    Furthermore, when I returned to school after 6 months of illness, the second-semester class has already begun for more than a month, I don't know where to start, looking at my mate, how serious they were, I remember they were talking and one of them said all our mates are brilliant then I started panicking, won't I be a void among them, hope I can make up with them, won't I fail, all these and many more were my doubts and by God's grace, I was about to overcome my doubt.

    How I Overcome My Personal Doubt

    Prayer: The first thing I did was to pray, rejecting what I did not want and tender my supplication because I know nothing is impossible for him, we only plant but God determines the harvest and increase.

    Listening to Music: Any time I was down and doubt starts settling in, another thing that I usually do is to listen to music, especially gospel music, it calms my nerves and mind, that music gives me the insight of how mighty God and His work and wonders are.

    Keeping a Positive Mind and Attitude: Also any time I'm doubting, instead of letting the doubt overcome my happiness rather I will divert my mind to things I can achieve, looking at great things in the future because I know my tomorrow shall be greater than today, hardly can anyone see me down even in my darkest moment, I still keep my positive mind.

    Challenging Myself: I'm used to this, instead of allowing doubt to overcome my mind, I challenge myself that Yes, I can do this and come out great. I will come out of my comfort zone, and work toward the challenge. I read and study hard when I returned to school and in the end, I came out with good grades and victorious.

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    What makes me love myself

    Below are what makes me love myself to the moon and back.

  • I love God, If I can love God that makes me in His own image, there is no way I won't love myself. Also, I do show love to other people and I know it's only what I have that I can give, me loving people around me shows how much I love myself.

  • I am me, I don't compare myself with other people, I believe I am unique in my way. I don't fake myself or pretend to be who I am not.

  • I am loving, caring, and generous and I don't force myself on anyone.

  • I hate lies and deceit, I rather walk away than join hands with corrupt people.

  • I am contented with what I have, I reject what is not mine and embrace and work towards what I want.

  • I have a positive attitude and don't give up on what I want regardless of how difficult the task is.

  • I am hardworking and committed, I do my job with a happy and pure mind.

  • I don't allow people's criticism and judgment to get to me.

  • I accept my mistake and learn from it.

  • What must you do to prioritize your happiness and well-being

    Looking at the Brighter Side of Life: Where I am I believe people are willing to be there, so if I can be here, I'm sure I can be anything I want regardless of what I'm facing today.

    Listening and Dancing to Music: I do this a lot of time, either I am angry or doubting, I will play music on my phone and if it is where I can dance, I would dance away my sorrow.

    Reading Novel: I so much love to read novels as reading takes me to another world entirely through my imagination and by the time I stops reading, I would have forgotten about my pain.

    Talking to My Family: Talking to my mom and siblings always make me happy, seeing their calls alone brightens my sad mood.

    Fellowshipping and Meditating the Word of God: In the presence of God, there is the fullest joy. I love being in the presence of God and worshipping God. Also reading the word of God does calm my nervous mind, His word is sweet, meaningful, and full of hope, testimony, and assurance.


    Love is a beautiful thing but it is impossible for one to love another when he doesn't love herself or himself. I love myself to the moon and the back because I am myself, I am irreplaceable, loving, caring, generous, and wonderful. I'm contented with what I have and I work hard to achieve my goals. Temitope, your very self love you to the moon and back, you are wonderful, great, and energetic and I promise to keep loving you. This is where I will be stopping for today, thank you so much for reading.

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    Stay positive! That is indeed all that we must do.
    Thank you for sharing a great post 👏🏻

    Thank you for reading ma.

    This is it , looking at your own self
    You have done a great deal to this topic, thank you fot spending you

    Thank you for sharing on my post ma

    Love is indeed beautiful and I can see that you actually love yourself to the moon. making yourself happy with the above you listed is it's very nice most expecially Music. It is good for the soul. I wish you all the best.

    Cómo ser humano tenemos muchas dudas, lo importante es tener la capacidad de superarlas, amarnos y priorizar lo que nos hace feliz y desechar todo aquello que resta en nuestra vida .

    Mucha suerte en el concurso.

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