Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 4 - Applications For Steem for BetterLife Community

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World of Charity, Education For Steem and Investing and Power-Up are strategic pillars of the Steem For BetterLife Community, this is what distinguishes the Steem For BetterLife Community from other communities in general, Based on 3 community orientations in the World Smile Project Frame, Steem For BetterLife continues to strive to to be at the forefront of Humanitarian Activities.

Integrity and community presence are the foundation for the community to be part of the Steemit Engagement Challenge Session 4 program.

Steem For BetterLife Community Goals

Steem For BetterLife Community has a goal to carry out Steem Promotion thoroughly through 3 main pillars: World of Charity, Education For Steem and Investing and Power-Up.

To realize the goals of the community, steem for betterlife compiles important points in realizing the goals of the community, including:

  • Implement programs supported by Steem that are integrated with current world issues, such as: Emergency response assistance such as natural disasters, supporting the availability of access to sanitation and clean water, building free education and child protection facilities, reforestation and wildlife conservation, Public health and public infrastructure.
  • Education for Steem as an initial foundation in getting to know steem so that they become part of the user, instill a sense of belonging to maintain the steem ecosystem. This is integrated with the Newcomer Community Program on Achievements 1 to 6. Steem For BetterLife makes a breakthrough through education about stemit tools as outlined in the form of a contest.
  • Develop Investing and Power-Ups to become a community identity through Steem Investing and Power-Up contests that are integrated with the Steemit Team program with a concentration on the #burnsteem25, #club100, #club75 and #club5050 campaigns.
A History of the Steem For Betterlife Community

Steem For BetterLife Community is a community born from the community merger process Steem Education with BetterLife project, then a new Community was born, known as Steem For BetterLife Community. We have a curated account @steembetterlife with current SP 12,449.232 STEEM and additional SP via delegate +33,492.937 STEEM. The total SP 45,942.17 SP is used to curate posts on Steem For BetterLife Community.

Founders, Administrators and Moderators

Below is a table of the strengths of Steem For BetterLife Community, namely:

Account/ DiscordPotitionClubEffective PowerJoin Steemit
@el-nailulFounders#club1007,150.72 SP ( 16,845.71 - 9,694.99 ) 2018-02-06
@heriadi/ heriadi#1116Founders/ CR 🇮🇩#club10016,140.03 SP (16,482.19 + 5,207.42 - 5,549.58)2017-06-03
@irawandedy/ irawandedy#9048Admin/ CR 🇮🇩#club10025,390.29 SP (22,419.25 + 5,007.99 - 2,036.94)2016-11-16
@klen.civil/ klen.civil#1458Moderator/ CR 🇮🇩#club505026,555.97 SP (23,584.93 + 5,007.99 - 2,036.94)2017-06-12
@patjewellModerator/ CR 🇿🇦#club10015,896.04 SP (11,191.10 + 5,007.99 - 303.04)2016-09-26
@ubongudofotModerator/ CR 🇳🇬#club505010,578.43 SP (6,787.14 + 5,007.99 - 1,216.70)2021-05-10
@mariana4veModerator#club50501,089.73 SP (13,371.96 - 12,282.23)2017-10-29
@alanasteemitModerator#club50501,741.65 SP (5,349.12 - 3,607.46)2018-01-29
Community Curation Account

@steembetterlife is a community curation account that is oriented towards:

  1. Club Status
  2. Community labels, such as delegates and regular members

The curation account is built through delegation from platform users who are loyal to the growth and development of the community, then Power-Up from the curation obtained by @steembetterlife, 80% of the curation is allocated to increase account strength and the rest is distributed to the delegator.

The curation account key is held by admins and moderators, all have access rights to provide curation according to the rules set in Steem For BetterLife Community without ignoring the essence of the community.

The Community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts

We continue to do community policy for checking every post with all admins and moderators in anticipating plagiarism content. The Steem For Betterlife community has also collaborated with @endplagiarism which is marked by the appointment of the account as one of the Moderators. Apart from that, we from all admins and moderators also continue to be as maximal as possible in checking every post posted on the community with various tools provided in the plagiarism category. For other matters relating to comments, each of the Admins and Moderators has actively made verification comments and provided constructive education for all members.

Scoring System or Verification Format
Verification Date
Month Date, Year
O'clock00.00 PM/ AM
Get Upvote0
Valid Comments from Other Users0
Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌1/1
#steemexlusive✅ or ❌1/1
Bot Free✅ or ❌1/1
Verified User✅ or ❌1/1
Markdown Style2/2
Quality Content4/4
Total Score10/10
Club Status Verification PeriodMonth Date to Month Date, Year
Transfer to STEEM
Cash Out STEEM
Voting CSI00.00 ( 0.00 % self, 00 upvotes, 00 accounts, last 7d )

Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application

Community helps members improve the quality of their posts

Routinely through various posts posted by members, admins and moderators verify and provide various constructive inputs with various corrections if errors are found from members. In addition, admins and moderators also provide guidance to members through WhatsApp groups, and currently the Steem For Betterlife community is also actively running a steem learning program through direct meetings or through community publications so as to encourage users to continue to receive curated support according to the quality of posts released, and other things that need to be done in order to build a community and steemit platform in general.

Update the latest information so that it is free from plagiarism and emphasizes the use of non-copyright free images.

Reasons why their community should be selected for the Challenge

We, the admins and moderators of the Steem For Betterlife Community, have various reasons to be chosen as the strongest candidate in next month's Steemit Engagement Challenge, as follows:

  • One of the communities that have a positive influence on steem education, steem growth and the world of charity
  • Community commitment for steem and steemit projects
  • Have a clear vision and mission for the growth of the steem ecosystem
  • There are large-scale charity projects currently underway and will be carried out in different countries
  • A community that offers various Steem learning and growth contests on a regular and systemic basis
  • Admins and moderators with integrity to build a community and have expertise in their respective fields.
  • Variety of languages (Indonesian, English, Spanish)
  • Having moderator representation in several countries so as to facilitate communication and the post verification process.
  • Committed to increase the country's representation as a Moderator based on a positive track record.
  • The growth of users in the community continues to grow to develop their posts in this community.
  • Supports the totality of the Steemit Team program.
  • Admins and Moderators whose majority status is Country Representative in their country.
  • Experienced Admins and Moderators in the Community Curation Team initiated by the Steemit Team

August 14, 2022
Signed from the Steem For Betterlife Community Team

@el-nailul @heriadi @irawandedy @klen.civil @patjewell @mariana4ve @ubongudofot @alanasteemit

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Not only have I see the great work which is done in this community day after day but also the growth and the support.
I don't think there is any other community where #burnsteem25 is supported as much as in here.
Wishing for us to receive another go!

"STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE" is a community that is growing rapidly since I joined day after day it is always displayed with quality posts to date so Members continue to work on issuing steemexclusive posts. points in the community by inviting all members to continue to share charity for the welfare of the people as well as becoming a stronger account with power ups. This is for the good of the account itself. Finally, I say a thousand thanks to the "STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE" community for being with us

Incredible community development and growth. Not only that, the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE community is always consistent in verifying every user who posts on STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE, and of course always encourages users to always do better in the future.

With all that is always visible developments for users day by day. We all hope that the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE community will be re-elected in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Session 4.

Many thanks to ADMIN , MOD and members STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE

I have to admit, the Steem For Betterlife community is one of my pride communities. Where the community has human values. Not only that, the Steem For Betterlife community has Moderators from representatives of several countries. Admin and MOD consistently verify user posts, whether it's encouraging users to continue to improve their posts and others.

I hope the Steem For Betterlife community is re-elected in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Session 4.

Because the Steem For Betterlife community deserves to be a community to be selected in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Session 4.

It is indeed to see how our growth is progressing, hopefully if given another opportunity in the engagement we can achieve even more. Success to us.

May we continue to get this opportunity, building community through engagement

Very beautiful application. Hope this time you again get the chance. Best wishes for the community. 😍🥰

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