Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week1 | Markdown Style Contest : Show an Institution or Charity Place in Your City

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Contest Background

The Charity For The World, Education For Steem, Investing and Power-Up are the main pillars of STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE Community in realizing the vision and mission of the community. We consistently hold contests initiated by admins, moderators and volunteers with various themes.

As the Steemit Engagement Challenge Applications For June 2022 was announced, we unexpectedly got one of the nominations from the chosen community and through this momentum we collaborated with the two pillars of community driving into a contest that is synonymous with charity and STEEM learning.

The first topic that we bring up in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Session 2 was "Markdown Style Contest: Show an Institution or Charity Place in Your City". In this contest you can choose any institution or charity in your city, for example, a free education center, a free medical center, a free training center, a nursing home, an orphanage, a humanitarian service center, a child counseling center, a women's counseling center, community economic empowerment, or other charities you find interesting.

Every post content has the opportunity to get support from the World Smile Project, such as support for relevant program activities with budget availability and feasibility evaluation by World Smile Project Int Management or the formation of a World Smile Project Representative in the country in question based on their loyalty and integrity assessment of Charity activities.

  1. Must be posted in the STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE community - (Mandatory)
  2. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited (which mean, the content must be exclusive and original with the #steemexclusive tag) - (Mandatory)
  3. All relevant languages ​​are allowed
  4. Show the original condition of the building and if possible also show details from each side of the institution or charity place such as about the condition of the beneficiaries and with service providers in that place - (Mandatory)
  5. Use a maximum of 8 original photos and one of them must take a selfie with the background of the charity place (don't use sourced photos) - (Mandatory)
  6. The story about the institution or charity that you visit is as complete as possible, both from the condition of the building and the condition of the beneficiaries by including various accurate information from them with a minimum of 300 words - (Mandatory)
  7. Use Post Title Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week1 | Markdown Style Contest: Show an Institution or Charity Place in Your City - Name of Institution or Place of charity (Mandatory)
  8. You must use the tag #markdownstyle, #contest #yourcountry (ex : #indonesia ) and #steemexclusive try among your first 4 tags - (Mandatory)
  9. Participants may not use any auto-vote services - (Mandatory)
  10. Include a map of as the location for the orphanage - (Mandatory)
  11. Participants must meet the requirements of #club5050 #club75 or #club100 - (Mandatory)
  12. Support #worldsmileproject (@worldsmile) or to Steem Better Life Offcial community account (@steembetterlife) will be concidered, but Not Mandatory
  13. Paste your post link in this post to make searching easier - (Mandatory)
  14. Upvote and resteem this post - (Mandatory)
Scoring System
Steemexlusive✅ or ❌10%
Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌10%
Bot Free✅ or ❌10%
Status Club✅ or ❌15%
Markdown Style✅ or ❌25%
Location / Map✅ or ❌10%
Support WSP / Community✅ or ❌20%
Total Score100%
Steemexlusive, Free Plagiarism, Bot Free and Club Status are the rules that must be followed, otherwise you are automatically disqualified
Prize Pool
  • 75 SP + Booming Support For The Best 5 Posts
Contest Assessor
  1. We do not guarantee that every participant will be supported by steemcurator01 or steemcurator02
  2. The more you use the markdown type and explain it, the greater of your chances to win the grand prize and the more you edit the post, the less chance you will get.
  3. The jury's decision is irrevocable
Conclusion and Expectations of the Contest

Every steemian can make interesting posts using the various types of markdowns available on the steemit platform. And steemian will be able to display an institution or charity that will serve as a guideline and consideration for the World Smile Project Int team to develop assistance to one of these if possible.

Signed STEEM FOR BETTERLIFE Community Team

Thank You

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@irawandedy @heriadi @miftahuddin - you will need to modify and broaden this contest so that everyone can participate.

Many, if not most people, will not have access to an orphanage.

In many countries they will not be accessible to members of the public.

To accommodate the participants of the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week1, we from Steem For BetterLife Community have changed the objectivity of this contest by remaining oriented towards the ultimate goal of the community, which is to become a reference for the World Smile Project in carrying out Charity Activities in all countries of active steemit users.

Thank you for your support and input, hopefully the vision of Steem For BetterLife Community can be realized and in line with efforts to promote steemit more broadly, both in quality and quantity.

We've revamped it with a selection of general charities to review under the title Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week1 | Markdown Style Contest : Show an Institution or Charity Place in Your City and steemian can choose according to the conditions of their respective countries such as a free education center, a free medical center, a free training center, a nursing home, an orphanage, a humanitarian service center, a child counseling center, a women's counseling center, community economic empowerment, or other Charity Place. If there are other inputs or suggestions to make this contest run smoothly, we are also very grateful to you for submitting your input to this contest.

Greetings from the Steem For Betterlife Community team

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Terimakasih atas pemberitahuan ini, saya pikir tidak akan se-rumit ini, kami akan memberi yang terbaik untuk semua dengan tantangan baru yang lebih luas untuk kontes ini, dan melihat aksi nyata dalam postingan kontes

Okay, we'll sit down with the team to discuss it again.

I totally agree with every piece in this. I visited an orphanage about two months ago and I was told they'd like to protect the dignity of their children as such taking pictures is not allowed (they made it a rule all visitors must comply with). I have written about it at that time.


If an intending participant in this contest falls in the same situation I found myself in, obviously, he/she won't be able to participate in this contest. We hope the community leaders can modify the contest to accommodate more people on this. Thank you, SC01.

The team is discussing, please be patient

Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places

Okay. Thank you.

Ciertamente en nuestra ciudad no contamos con orfanatos y visitar algún de este tipo no es posible.

El acceso para tomas de fotografías es difícil debido a la pandemia y los cautelosos que son en ancianatos por ejemplo.

Sii, en mi ciudad es muy complicado, no permiten acceso por el covid y cuidan mucho a los niños.

No quiero dejar de participar pero está muy complicado llevarlo a cabo.

Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places

Agradecida, de esta manera hay más oportunidad de ayudar y por supuesto de participar.

Good luck


Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places


Con todo respeto, le doy la razón totalmente, pues en mi ciudad no hay actualmente orfanatos y existen restricciones legales para fotografiar estos espacios, mucho más delicado es fotografiar los niños en estos lugares, esto puede acarrear problemas legales, aquí en mi país hay muchas leyes de protección a niños, niñas y adolescentes.

Pero, tal como advirtió Pereira el marco legal tiene parámetros para la protección de imágenes. Éstos están contemplados en el artículo 65: “se prohíbe exponer o divulgar, a través de cualquier medio, la imagen de los NNyA contra su voluntad o la de su padre, madre, representantes o responsables. Asimismo, se prohíbe exponer o divulgar datos, imágenes o informaciones a través de cualquier medio, que lesionen el honor o la reputación de los niños y adolescentes o que constituyan injerencias arbitrarias o ilegales en su vida privada o intimidad familiar”.

Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places


Hello dear Steem for Better life community and @steemcurator01;

I really like this proposal, I wish to participate as always, however in my town there are no orphanages, but there are geriatric homes.

If you expand the spectrum of possibilities of places, then I will be able to participate; otherwise it will be impossible for me to move to an orphanage in a big city that does have one.

Updates will be made soon with all kinds of modifications, and the team is currently discussing


Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places

very good! ;-)


Un geriátrico es donde cuidan a los viejitos ¿verdad?

Corrijanme si me equivoco, porque tambien pienso ir allí.

Yes, a place for the elderly to be cared for

¿Puedo visitar un geriatrico?


Si, un geriátrico es un asilo de ancianos.

Ok gracias cariño. Iré a vistarlo entonces.

I agree with what you said

You have said my mind.

Keep up the good work

If support for community is not mandatory why then does it have 20% ?

I wonder my friend, it should be completely optional and not have a deciding feature in this contest.

@steembetterlife @steemcurator01, gentlemen, receive a cordial greeting. I think it is a very interesting contest with a very positive impact on our society, since we can bring smiles to those little ones who are in these socio-educational centers. However, I want to tell you about a very important point:

Despite being an extraordinary initiative as I already clarified. There are countries like Venezuela that prohibit the disclosure of personal information of children and adolescents. Consequently, this is established in article 79 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents. I quote:

[Sic] “Article 79. Prohibitions for the protection of the right to information and a healthy environment.

Is prohibited:

Letter B

b) Sell or facilitate in any way to children and adolescents or publicly display, through any of the existing multimedia or to be created, books, magazines, programs and audiovisual messages, information and data on networks that are pornographic, present an apology for violence or crime, promote or incite the use of tobacco, alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances; or that threaten their personal integrity or their mental or moral health.”

From the previously textualized we can see that the law is merely descriptive and non-compliance with it can lead to sanctions such as fines and even judicial measures of preventive deprivation of Liberty to those who fail to comply.

I make this salvation since I am a lawyer and I come across situations like these. I also carry out the save to notify the participants from Venezuela about the legal implications that this could entail.

For any questions or information about it or advice on the subject. You can contact me I am ready to make any contribution to the Network.

Read the earlier comments, they are already working on it. I feel the same way you feel but the team has already notified the community to review and change it

Thank you so much for organising a beautiful contest. I will participate very soon inshallah.

We will be happy to read and observe your entry, good luck

Nice contest. I will surely participate

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Terima kasih atas penyelenggaraan kontes engagement challenge season 2 week1 oleh Tim komunitas Steem For Betterlife.

Kami menunggu partisipasi kawan-kawan dalam tantangan pertama ini, semoga berhasil

InsyaAllah kanda! kami sangat termotivasi untuk ini..

Good contest overall. But unfortunately, I am not able to participate in this contest as I have never got a chance to visit the orphanage and I think I will never get a chance in future.

BTW, nice contest.

Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places

Thanks bro.

For the purpose of this contest I have to visit the orphanage again so that I will be able to write the contest. I wouldn't want to miss it.

We are waiting for your participation

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

This is a good contest. But in my Country and state.. you are not allowed to visit an orphanage. If you are even given access, there is strict restrictions on taking pictures, and as such this contest is a No participation for me.

@steemcurator01 a review should be done on this contest.

Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places

A good contests but it's unfortunate that some of us won't partake in it because we don't have the chance of visiting an orphanage due to current crises that is affecting our region

We hope to see more simpler contests in the upcoming weeks so that some of us can have chance to partake in

The first reference for this contest is aimed at integrating steem learning through good writing with charity, we combine this to support an orphanage that will be published properly to get funding support for the world smile project. I hope you can understand the concept of our Community.

Thank you

It's a good contest but it will be to a disadvantage to most of us. It's not easy visiting an orphanage because we have to visit it with high intensions of helping out the orphanage and most people (especially in the less developing countries) are facing financial crises right now

That's not even the main problem. Most of us down here in Cameroon are suffering from this current Anglophone crises and this has caused most of the orphanages center in my Region to be shifted to areas where there is no crises. So it will be difficult for us to go to this orphanage center

The team is discussing, please be patient

Alright sir thanks alot... Will be waiting

Changes have been made, please read with various choices of charity places

Woow this is cool 😎... I love this one

Expect my entry soon

Good luck

No hard feelings, but @steembetterlife I think your rules are in contradictory with the criteria given by the Steamit Team, as we can see from the images below.

Setting 20% to support WPS is indirectly mandatory, since it plays an influential role in a participant's overall grading vis-à-vis contest winners.
I will urge you to look into it.



Support for a charity or community will add value when you do

Sure, but with your feedback I don't think you get my point.
I meant, attaching a grading percentage to WSP support makes it mandatory, which shouldn't be the case.
The criteria becomes an exploitation tool over willingness, so it is better to get rid of it. My take.

Gracias por atender las solicitudes expuestas.
Estamos seguros de que con esta nueva medida atraerán muchas participaciones.
les deseamos el mejor de los éxitos y todas las participaciones posibles.
Motivaré a los miembros de mi comunidad a participar.


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

Smoga saya bisa ikutan kontes yang hebat ini.. fighting for season 2

Luar biasa mantap kontes nya :)

Here is my entry link of the challenge Entry link

Nice contest, but that means those who are not chanced to visit orphanage environment are not qualified then?

hope the next contest won't be as limited.

yes... we integrate steem learning with the world smile project and this program becomes a reference in the implementation of the world smile project for supporting charity activities based on comprehensive evaluation of the target beneficiaries (orphanage)

Hi there! Prepared quickly my entry despite of certain problems I noticed the platform had recently these days. Regards. Here you are:

Saya kira cukup menarik dan penuh dukungan dari saya yang baru bergabung ini.
Semoga berhasil..

The theme of the competition is very well chosen. In these difficult times that people are going through, there is a great need for aid organizations. We do not know exactly where these charities or free education institutions are. We will have the opportunity to guide those who are in difficulty thanks to the information we will gain about this organization and where we will go on the occasion of this competition.

Hola amigos de esta linda comunidad 👋

Por acá dejo mi participación en la dinámica de esta semana, espero sea de su agrado.

Saludos 🤗