WSP: Support Fundraising for 1000 watt Solar Installation Project in Nwanaiba, Uyo in Nigeria | 25% Reward to @smilenigeria

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In accordance with what has been published by our brother @ubongudofot regarding the fire disaster that occurred in Nwanaiba, Uyo in Nigeria, resulting in an electricity crisis in several parts of Nigeria, the power outage due to the fire incident affected a large part of the population there and according to our information According to the current leadership of WSP Nigeria, the power outage will last for a very long time, thus requiring other alternatives to deal with the case.

From the results of the discussion of the World Smile Project Int Team through the WhatsApp group media with the leader of WSP Nigeria @ubongudofot. For the handling that will be carried out is Solar Installation with a capacity of 1000 Watt, therefore the World Smile Project Int Team decided to support the 1000 Watt Solar Installation project in Nwanaiba, Uyo in Nigeria.

I as part of the World Smile Project Int Team will support this project by setting up a part of the payout to the @smilenigeria charity account to accelerate the collection of the funds needed for the project, as we know from the publication of the official @smilenigeria account that the budget needed for the project This is very large, so it requires the support of all of us to be implemented immediately.

BoQ / Estimated budget for 1000 Watt Solar Installation Project

In addition, we also invite all donors and steemit users to be generous in supporting our brothers and sisters who are affected by the electricity crisis in Nwanaiba, Uyo - Nigeria, considering that the beneficiaries of this solar installation also include our brother @ubongudofot and several other steemian Their Solar Installation Project can be active again on the platform, because one of the main resources to be able to access the internet is an adequate electric current.

Links related to Solar installation project in Nwanaiba, Uyo in Nigeria


Propose LocationNo.130 Ekpri Nsukara Road
Potential Beneficiaries40 and Above Including Steemians Living Within
Plus Code :Link

Cc: @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @irawandedy @klen.civil @mariana4ve

Best Regard


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NoteWe hope that this project can be run soon and get support from all parties so that everything is covered

Looking forward to seeing this project progress.

Will the WSP team be posting a weekly update on the @smilenigeria account showing funds raised to date?


cc @ubongudofot

The WSP team will ensure the progress of this project, and conduct regular evaluations through WPS Nigeria.

@smilenigeria will be the only official account that will post updates on the funds raised.

And we will also support accelerating fundraising so that this project can be realized immediately.

Can we campaign the hashtag ##solarsteem25pc ?

Cc: @el-nailul @pennsif @heriadi @miftahuddin @irawandedy @klen.civil @ubongudofot @mariana4ve

#solarsteem25pc may be good to try.

Will that require people to be giving a 25% beneficiary to @smilenigeria ?

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greetings @steemcurator01

The WSP team never requires anyone to arrange payouts, because charity must have sincerity, but we provide examples in our own posts to support the world smile project

Thank you for asking this, I hope all users can understand it

Thank you for the mentioning Sir. Yes, i will update the account weekly on the fund raise so far, definitely.

And sure, this project will come to reality. Thank you so much for all your Supports Sir , we really appreciate.

This will make history in my zone.

Semoga project nya sukses dan dapat membantu saudara kita di Nigeria

Kami akan senang jika anda ikut serta dalam mendukung project ini.

Siap bang, insya Allah setiap hari dari beberapa post ada yg saya share 25 untuk worldsmile dan ada yang 25 untuk dek null.... Hehe

Thank you so much for your response brother, i really appreciate. I believe with this supports, it will go along way.

This first installation will serve as a pilot program for this Innovation.

Hopefully in future, other places in the Country will aslo benefit from this.

We hope that there will be a lot of support from donors, so that this project can be easily implemented.
We will try to support as much as we can

having the curator on this already means the project is already a success. There are many places in Nigeria with electricity power supply problems, in some places the power supply is regulated which has been a very big problem for most users. This is a very good project as it is endorsed already by users. I will support this project by setting beneficiary to the smilenigeria acc

Thank you for supporting the smilenigeria, more great things would be accomplished with this act of kindness.