Positive response from generous donors to the hashtag campaign #solarsteem25pc for a solar installation project in Negeria

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We are touched to see the positive response from all generous donors for this noble movement, we believe that with this kind of movement and type of support, nothing is impossible to produce other great Projects in the future.

Steem really brings us to change for the better, and most importantly this movement proves that there are still many people who care about others.

Less than 24 hours ago, Since receiving positive comments from @steemcurator01 regarding the initiative to use the hashtag #solarsteem25pc to date, we have reached at least more than 25 donors who are happy to support this great project by assigning 25% of beneficiaries to @smilenigeria , we say a million thanks for your kindness and contribution. Here I also want to display a list of posts from generous donors who have supported smilenigeria;

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  10. #solarsteem-Support @smilenigeria for 1000 Watt Solar Panel Installation Project

  11. The Diary Game (26-05-2022): Spending my Day on Improving Myself|| #SolarSteem25pc to @smilenigeria

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For users who take the initiative to support the Solar Energy project, you can write any content that encourages the creation of cash income, provided that:

Gratitude does not only come from us as World Smile Project Managers, but also from the beneficiary extension of the project that will be implemented. Hopefully this donation will become a charity of worship for the donors and become a new energy for all of us, especially for taking advantage of donations.

Cc: @pennsif @worldsmile @smilenigeria @adollaraday

Best Regard


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This is really act of kindness. I am so amazed over the turn of donations done by varrious people , this really means alot to us.

Personally, i Sincerely appreciate this alot, better more things will still happen in Future.

  ·  27 days ago (edited)

Keep it up and believe me, we will get through this well.

Together we will be strong

Exactly 😊 💪

Thank you for supporting smilenigeria project, we appreciate your kind gestures and with this act, more of such programs could be carried out in different locations.