#CLUB100 | My Activity Today, Supervising Road Repair Work Using The Patching Method

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Patching Work Process using Excavator Heavy Equipment

Patching work is a repair method carried out by workers to repair the damage found on the road body, especially on the pavement layer with asphalt covering that has been damaged such as large holes, waves and distortions that can cause accidents on the highway.

As a supervisory team on the Paya Bakong sub-district road repair work project, I must always be on site to continue to control all stages of the work that is being carried out during the implementation period of the work.

Other parts of the road surface that are repaired

The process or stages of implementation that are being carried out are, starting with cutting or patching the damaged asphalt surface using heavy excavators with depths ranging from about 20 cm or depending on the level of damage that occurs.

After the patching is complete, it is then backfilled using class B pavement material using heavy motor graders and then compacted again using a Compact or Vibro Roller and then watered using a water tank and then compacted again to bind the installed pavement layer material.

The patched part is backfilled with Class B Pavement Layer material and then compacted

Patching work requires a long time and accuracy so that the handling at the point of damage does not occur again, therefore it is necessary to have special experts to supervise the implementation of the work.

This patching work has been going on for 3 days and the initial handling or repair has been carried out for 1.5 KM, while the total length of the road that must be repaired is 5.5 KM, it takes about one more week for new patching work then proceed to stage 2, namely the work Class A Pavement Layer, up to asphalt work.







Those are some of my activities at the job site when supervising road repair work using the Patching method, hopefully it will be useful.

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