#CLUB100 | Gardening |My papaya produces two types of flowers, female flowers (fruitful) and male flowers (gandul papaya)

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The planting season has started to turn into the fruit season before the end of the next harvest season, but it seems that it will have to wait a little longer. It turned out that, after sorting the seeds, there were still many seeds that flowered. As we know that the papaya tree has two types of forms, namely fruiting and flowering. And in my garden, I have these two types of plants at once due to the selection of seeds based on the initial fruit and not from box seeds which usually will have papaya type seeds that bear fruit.

However, the papayas that grow in my garden have high fertility so that the stems and leaves are wide, thick, and dark green in color. Besides that, I can already see some of my papaya tree trunks have flowered and have begun to show their fruit. I also provide trenches to store water supplies when it rains, until the dry season arrives, the plants in my garden can still get enough water.

In addition, I also planted a chili tree next to the kebaya tree or to be precise, it is currently under a papaya tree to take advantage of the vacant land and planting this chili does not affect the growth of the papaya trees in the garden. It's really nice to plant some of the needs and the results can be sold and used for ourselves, as we know that papaya fruit and flowers are very useful and both have good economic value.

Actually gardening is very fun and can be used as a place to channel hobbies for people who have vacant land, and besides being able to be consumed by ourselves, we can also use the harvest for promising business value. their gardens as the main source of income for their economic needs, because the crops obtained from gardening can be sold to the market.






I hope you all like my garden, don't hesitate to leave good comments and suggestions regarding the correct papaya cultivation guide, because I will be very happy to read it and in the future I will regularly post the process of cultivating papaya and cayenne pepper plants in my garden until harvest. , hopefully these two types of plants can produce abundant harvests later.

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Wow... Saya sangat menyukai berkebun tapi saat ini aktivitas yang padat membuat saya harus mengurung niat untuk itu.

Apakah anda dapat membantu saya menyediakan bibitnya?

Of course my brother...

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Great gardening bro. Your papaya plants looks so very healthy.. Good job..