#CLUB100 | Betterlife The Diary Game - My Activity Today, Thursday 19 May 2022 (25% Reward for World Charity)

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I haven't had time to lay down yet, suddenly I heard the chanting of the dawn call to prayer echoed in various directions, while the laptop screen that was on from last night because I was working on some important tasks that had been pressed for completion, the printer still beeped loudly printing a bunch of files that I was working on last night, starting from printing stickers to be affixed to the packaging of fried meatballs that will be marketed tomorrow, to finalizing the proposal file for the home renovation program for the poor, which will soon begin its implementation.

One of the files I finished printing last night

Morning has arrived, the dawn prayer has finished I carried out with jamah in the suro which was not far from my house, my body began to feel sore and my eyes were so tired I wanted to go to bed immediately.

I just lay down, instantly fell asleep without moving, I fell asleep helplessly because of exhaustion all night long finishing work, it felt like my body had only been enjoying the soft mattress and thick blanket, suddenly I felt the reflection of sunlight from behind the window pane pointing right at me. face and began to feel hot, forcing me to immediately open my eyes.

With a sluggish body condition I opened both my eyelids and pointed at the clock on the wall of the room which turned out to have shown the needle at 14.00 WIB, slowly I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take a shower as well as do wudhuk and finish the dhuhur prayer, finished praying I changed clothes then headed to the dining room to fill an empty stomach from sleeping this morning,

While in the garden cleaning the wild grass at the base of the papaya tree trunk

In the afternoon I visited the papaya garden next to the house which had started to flower, I cleaned the weeds that had begun to cover the base of the papaya stem, and removed the rotten papaya leaves so as not to damage the other parts, not terrace 3 hours have passed but I have just cleaned some of the papaya tree , the clock is already showing the hands at 6 pm, and I have to pick up the children at his grandfather's house because soon my wife and I plan to go out and at the same time bring the children to play in the city park.

Wife and children playing toy car decorated with colorful lights in the city park

After dinner, I went out with my wife and children using a motorbike to go to a small town in our area, it only took us about 15 minutes to get there, and when we got there the children went straight to the city park where they wanted to play, while I continue to monitor them playing from a close distance and watching the children play happily is the happiest thing for me.

Kids relaxing on classic swing

That's the story of my diary game this time and thank you for those who have read, I hope it is useful and apologize for any shortcomings in writing and delivering the storyline. Please criticize suggestions to be able to improve it better next time.

Cc; @pennsif @liasteem

Best Regard


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