#burnsteem25 | Preparation to welcome the Wedding Reception with the concept of Acehnese culture

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After traveling to Bener Meriah Regency with the entire entourage in the "Intat Linto" event on Sunday, May 22, 2022, which thank God went very smoothly, but now is the time for us from the groom's side to prepare for the same event, namely the reception at the bride's house men to welcome the arrival of the delegation from the bride's side, that is our custom in carrying out sacred rituals at the wedding reception procession.

The youths are doing decorations to decorate the room to make it look beautiful

Since after we returned from Bener Meriah, the family and most of the residents at the groom's residence immediately made preparations to welcome the group from the bride's side who would carry out the "Intat Dara Baro" procession.

Aisle stage decoration on the outside of the house and decoration of the inside of the house


Towards the day of the wedding reception tomorrow, almost all residents throng the groom's house or the venue for the wedding, ranging from children, women, teenage boys to adults.
gathered to help prepare for tomorrow's wedding. Everyone is busy with their own activities to help in any way they can.

Residents are slaughtering cows and processing meat which is then cooked with regional specialties`

Everyone present came to help with everything that was needed tomorrow, from preparing the place, to preparing various types of regional specialties that would be served to guests who would attend tomorrow, they also participated in decorating the typical regional aisle which would make the main attraction for invited guests, especially for the bride's entourage and for every invited guest who will attend tomorrow.


This is a small part that I was able to document during the preparation for the Wedding Reception with the concept of Acehnese culture, and I hope that what I publish from a small portrait of Aceh's customs and the solidarity of the people when welcoming the wedding reception which will be held tomorrow can be useful, If there is time and opportunity tomorrow I will share the continuation of this story at the peak of the wedding reception, thank you to all and compact greetings to steemian all over the world.

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