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Hi friend's,
I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.

The diary game. 27 September, 2022. Tuesday.

The Diary Game.


Today morning without waking up, my elder aunt is calling me in the early morning, I heard from the bed when I woke up, she is saying that my cousin has some things in their house to come by kumarkhali. Work appeared before waking up I told sleepy eyes that it's okay to go Then I woke up, washed my hands and wiped my face with a towel, and came to the room. Then I finished my breakfast. At around 9:30 great aunt came and gave the things. I myself got ready and left for Kumarkhali. I left the house and went to the river ford to cross the river. We have to cross the river for any work.


river ghat
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Then I crossed the river by boat. It was very sunny and hot this morning. Crossing the river I paid the boat rent. Only 5 taka (0.25 STEEM) fare is charged if people pass. After walking I went to Kumarkhali Swarnapatti, upper salt shop. I went and saw that he did not come to the shop, then I came to know that your father-in-law was in the market, I called him and went to find him and gave him your things.


Picked up from Kumarkhali Bazar.
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I walked and gave the things to them in the heat. Then I walked again to the river to come home. When I came to see the boat had gone, I stood beside it in the shade. After some time the boat came, I boarded the boat and crossed the river and came home. Crossing the river in the hot sun is very difficult.


Time to go home.
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I came home around 11:30. I came home and changed my clothes, then took some rest. Then we had some cut tiles left in our house, sold them after tiling the bathroom. With these I will tile a series of ours today. For this, we took cement and sand and took out the size of the tiles.


Work time at home.
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By 2 o'clock my work on tiles is finished. Then I gathered some broken bricks and put them in one place. Then I started making khoya with hammer. After making khoya for a long time, I took a bath. Then I came to the room and got dressed. Then I started eating lunch.


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After finishing eating, I looked outside and saw that it started raining heavily. I can't work outside in the rain, so I sat in the room and started watching TV. The rain stopped around 5 pm. Then I sat down and started eating boot dal fried.


Beautiful moment of rain outside
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When the rain stopped, I went outside for a walk, my cousins ​​were building the house, the masons were working on laying rods on the roof, I also went on the roof and watched their work. I watched their work until evening, feeling pretty good about spending the afternoon on the roof.


An afternoon spent on the terrace.
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Then I went to perform the Maghrib prayer. While praying, I saw that the battery of our mosque had been stolen. People's humanity has fallen so low, that even from religious institutions they do not hesitate to steal. I came home after praying. After coming home, the electricity went off. In our village, the electricity burns very much at night. Power stays on for an hour and then goes off. Came after an hour. Doesn't let you sleep well at night. Today was a pretty busy day and the day passed in somewhat good time.

Thank you all for reading my post today.

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