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Assalamu Allaikum Prof.@liasteem

I hope you are doing well. Once again, I am taking this opportunity to participate in the Rising Star task. I hope you'll find it beneficial and helpful.

Defining the TradingView site and how to register an account in tradingview? what are the different registration plan?(screenshot necessary)

Defining the TradingView site

TradingView is a charting platform and a social network which was launched in September 2011 and is used by 30 million plus traders and investors across the globe to spot opportunities across global markets.

The TradingView application helps traders and investors check out trading ideas, opinions, analysis, and strategies.

how to register an account in tradingview?

To register for a TradingView account, the following steps must be followed:

• Go to Link and sign up for a free trial.

• Click "Try free for 30 days" in any of the plans

Screenshot (3).png

• Select the desired account to use.

Screenshot (4).png

• Enter your email, password, agree on terms and use, confirm that you are not a robot, then click on Create account


• In your inbox, verify and activate your account.


what are the different registration plan?(screenshot necessary)

Below are the different registration plans:



It has various options with varying prices for each class. This includes:









This also has different offers with varying prices. It includes:







Explain the different features of tradingView and what is your favorite feature and why?(screenshot necessary)

Some features of TradingView are:

  1. Charts

It is a representation of graphs in explaining current market cycles and the total price of items in the digital market.


  1. Market

This feature consists of several market trends and it also gives access to financial markets on assets, as shown in the screenshot below.


  1. Screener

The screener is used by traders and investors to examine stocks.


  1. Community

TradingView products have a community where traders and investors can explore and learn the trends of selling and buying in the market cycle.


  1. More

This includes Pricing, Features, Helpcenter, About, and For business as shown in the screeshot below.


what is your favorite feature and why?

The Charts feature is my favorite. This is because it shows a graphical representation of the market cycles for a better understanding of current market cycles.

How to set up a chart in TradingView and use two tools to edit it.(screenshot necessary)

To set up a chart in TradingView, the following processes should be followed;

  1. Click on Charts to display the chart for set up. Now let's see how it works.



  1. To be able to view information clearly, you can change colors, wick, and boarders by clicking on the setting at the top right corner of the chart.

  2. By clicking on the Symbol, you can add or remove color and wick from the chart.

From the screenshot below, Body, Wick, Boarders, and Last price line have been added.



To change the appearance of the chart (background), click on Appearance and make your preferred changes.


use two tools to edit it.(screenshot necessary)


The Cursor and Trend Line will be used.


The cursor is used to drag front and back and consists of Eraser, Dot, and Arrow


Trend Line

The Trend Line is used to draw lines on charts when making technical analysis. It consists of Arrow, Infomation Line, Trend, Trend angle, and Ray

Explain how to add indicator in chart, what is your your favorite indicator and why? (screenshot necessary)

From the chart;

  1. Click on fx indicator


  1. Look for the Pivot Points Indicator and then click on the Pivot Extension Strategy.


  1. The chart will now look as shown below


what is your your favorite indicator and why? (screenshot necessary)

My favorite indicator is the Pivot Points Indicator because it is user-friendly for beginners.

Do you think TradingView is useful in predicting the market for cryptocurrency (trend / price)?

Yes, TradingView is an excellent tool that enables you to research, screen, and chart your favorite stocks.


Explain what FOMO is?

FOMO is the feeling we get when there is a large increase on a chart but we are not entitled to any coin. The logic behind FOMO is the effect of a delay in losing a big potential opportunity.

Explain what is FUD?

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) is a strategy used in spreading false information about cryptocurrencies to influence the minds of traders and investors. It is a trick used in order to drop the price of a certain coin.

Explain where FOMO occur! (Need screenshots)


From the screenshot above, FOMO occurs when the green line is rising, leading to an increase in the value of a certain coin or currency.

Explain where FUD occur! (Need screenshots)


From the screenshot above, FUD occurs when the red line is diminishing, leading to a decrease in the value of a certain coin.

Choose the 2 cryptocurrencies you want, then use the graph of the 2 cryptocurrencies to explain where FOMO and FUD occur! (Need screenshots)



From the above BTC chart, there is an instance of both FOMO and FUD.

At the initial stage, there was an instance of FUD for some period of time, indicated by the red lines. It could be a result of misleading information or tricks to drop the price of the BTC.

FOMO started when the green lines began to increase in the chart, leading to an increase in the price of BTC.



From the screenshot above, there was an instance of FUD, leading to a decrease in the value of the Tether coin. Then FOMO started, which led to an increase in the value of the Tether coin indicated by the green lines.


What do you know about blockchain?

Blockchain uses a cryptographic structure known as a "hash" to record transactions and has the goal of solving multiple record problems without the use of a central server.Bitcoin is built on the blockchain.

Describe one type of blockchain!

Public Blockchain

The public blockchain can be joined by anyone without authorization from somewhere. The public blockchain has helped solve the problems of transparency and less security in centralization.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the type of blockchain you choose!

Advantages of Public Blockchain

  1. The public blockchain secures data because it cannot be changed once it is validated on the blockchain.

  2. The public blockchain can still work even if the people that started it don't exist anymore, as long as computers are available and connected to it.

Disadvantages of Public Blockchain

  1. Public blockchains like Bittcoin are too slow because it delays in consensus.

  2. Public blockchain consumes a lot of energy as it relies on Proof-of-Work, which also uses a lot of electricity in its function.

Visit Blockchain Demo, and what did you learn from that page? (screenshot required)

The following were found in the provided link:


It is used to turn inputs into strings of bytes.



It is made up of Block #, Nonce, Data, and Hash.



It is used to record digital information in the form of blocks and its distribution.


Distributed Blockchain

It records, shares, and synchronizes transactions accordingly to their electronic ledgers.



They give ownership to users depending on the blockchain type or distributed ledger.


Coinbase Transactions

It is created by miners to reward other miners with block rewards for their work.


Advantages of Blockxhain Technology

  1. Transactions are completed in less time.

  2. Transactions can be tracked

Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology

  1. Data can be accessed by anyone by tracking the identity of a user through transactional data.

  2. Nodes need to verify and approve transactions from each participant, making a single exchange take several hours.


TradingView is a platform offering opportunities to learn trading from expert traders and also has useful tools for easy navigation.

Understanding the trend of FOMO and FUD in cryptocurrencies will help one to be able to control his or her emotions at times of trading in the digital market.

Blockchain solves multi-record problems without a central server as it is decentralized and also records encrypted data, allowing them to form a single data source.

Thank you Prof.@liasteem for giving us such opportunities , and may you be blessed .

Thank you for reading.

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Dear @prudence1 ,
Thank you very much for joining the Rising Star of Mini Crypto Program.

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Masha Allah sister, thank you so much for the corrections. I really appreciate for the words given. I will try harder to improve on my overall work and will always be ready to learn more from you.
May Allah bless you abundantly 🙏