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Hello everyone. I am very happy to participate in this contest organized by @amryksr in the Steem for Betterlife community to review the Steemworld website created by steemchiller to be deployed on one of the Dapps of the site. This is a contest to review the change password dapp built on

There were so many reasons why this application was built. Account owners willing to change their keys (owner key, posting key, memo key, and active key) are entitled to use this change password app on the steemworld website to derive their new keys for their accounts.



There may be a reason for the steemit account owner to change those keys. When the account was created by a third party, there was a need for the user to change his keys as the one who created the account might have also copied or saved the keys to steal earnings from your accounts. There is also the need to change your keys when they are exposed to steemit friends.


Search engine

To access your SteemWorld account, the user has to first of all open his/her browser to type in the web address shown in the image here.

After logging your account on to, several details about your account are shown here, and you have to scroll down the page to see other decentralized applications built on the website.

There are several applications, and among them is the Change Password Dapp.

Now to continue to change your keys, click on the change password as it is clearly shown on the image.


A tab is opened to display the change password page. Right on the page, the user can click on the "generate key" button or type in a bunch of numbers, characters, and letters to generate their new keys.


But here I am going to click on the "generate key" button to change the new owner key, active key, posting key, and memo key for both private and public. Then I have to copy and save my new master password safely somewhere. I can then click on "Change Passwords."

After clicking on the change password button, a pop-up is shown to enquire if you have privately saved your master password somewhere. Tap on "yes" if you have successfully saved your master key safely.

Now you are required to enter your private owner key to confirm you are the account owner. Failure to enter this key does not guarantee the keys' generated operations on the account. You enter your current private owner key and click "ok" to finish the operation.

Thank you for organizing such a contest, Steem for Better Life.We are much appreciated for keeping everyone involved in the community, and I hereby invite @chenty, @rubilu123, and @salamdeen to partake in this contest.

Achievement1 link here

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