The diary game ||05/8/2022|| my daily activities and powering up all my earnings by @michael-akpan

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Hello my good people, I greet you all, may God bless u all, I also apologized for the little long time no see, I thank God almighty that I am back again. My was phone was having little issues, which stop me for a while.
it was a fantastic Friday and I wake up very early in the morning and give praise to my God almighty, do my daily chores and also prepared myself breakfast.


During morning I wake up, give thanks to my creator, do my early morning routine Road work come back by 6:45pm, continue with my normal house chores and also prepared myself breakfast in which I take and rest.






After my little resting, I went to market purchase some food stuff that has finished in the house and also cook my lunch, eat it and prepare myself to my night work



when I arrived at my working place it was less busy so I use that period to power up all my last month earnings since I couldn't do so last month base on my phone faulty situation.



I was also called that afternoon to snapped hospital admin and visitors picture which I do so for them, I give them a cool shot with my phone.



During evening time every was calm in which
I spend a calm shift, which gives the opportunity to go round the hospital department and meet with my fellow colleagues, take a shot with them. finally I thank God it was Friday.



It was so cool on Friday, although it was a bit stressful during the night time. Which we have two emergency,
I thank you all for your vote and comment, and I miss you guys, now that my phone is ok, I am fully back.

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