Steemit Engagement Challenge S2-W1: Recycling used tin and wood into a grater.

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The Making of a Grater


In making some of our local dishes like the Ekpang Nkukwo, Ator mboro or Coconut rice the use of a grater is unavoidable. Graters are also used as substitute for blender for ginger, African nutmeg.
It is used in grating casaver and in the process of making coconut oil
In this post I will be taking you through the process of making a grater from recycled materials.

Needed Materials

For this project, we will be using wood for the frame of the grater and an old milk tin. We will also use some tiny nails in the process. If this process of Using wood front a spoilt desk is copied and multiplied, it will remove the need to cut down more trees
Environmental impact: Using the milk tin for this project is environmentally friendly because it has reduced the amount of materials that would go to the dump sites cutting down the need to exploit the environment for more raw materials .

Needed Tools

Below are the tools needed to accomplish the task of converting a milk can and some plank into something truly useful:

  • A hacksaw
  • A saw for wood
  • A hammer
  • I also used a pair of scissors

Using hand tools is a highly environmental friendly ways of solving our problems.

Construction Procedure

I had to cut out the frame for the grater from the small plank I got from a broken desk. I had to score the plank with a nail to guide me when sawing it. You will need to saw carefully else you may not get a straight result.

Using the saw, I had to saw out two identical piece and one more piece that was slightly thicker. This resulted in three cuts and they were all successful.


The two identical cuts will serve as support on both sides of the grater while the third cut is further sawed into three each measuring the hight of the milk tin and also considering the fact that the wood will interlock at the various point where they interface with each other.

I now had to saw out the intersecting parts using the hacksaw. This would give me more precision and a better finishing.


The wood was too dry so I had to soak the points where I will nail using water, this was to prevent the wood splitting as I nail it together. Fastening the wood together with the nail was successful and the split was avoided.

And it was time to switch attention to the main part of the grater which is the milk tin. I had to cut it open using the hacksaw. Which is gradually taking us to the point where getting wounded by the sharp edges of the tin.


The milk tin is spread and perforated using a nail. I used the circular perforating style. The holes must not be too large and the nail will not have to fully go through the sheet during perforation.
Remember to place it on a wooden surface when punching the holes.


It's now time to attach the perforated milk tin to the frame we made. The one inch nails will be used for this purpose.


At this point the nails will go through the thick middle of the wood without the risk of a split because it is far from the edge


Now we have our finished product, a grater from recycled materials which is a very useful tool for our local kitchen


I am happy to present this grater as a useful product from recycling, inviting @kesybliss, @oasiskp @veragu and @jadis to participate in this contest, and remember to make meaningful comment as much as possible on other entries...


Uyo, NigeriaXXJR+JFC Uyo

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Hola amigo, esto si que es algo muy útil que podemos realizar con los desechos, casualmente necesito uno pero en mi país son muy costosos, quizás realice uno como este.

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do you still use a lot of the tools you made at your place,,,, what about the use of other technologies..

You nailed it. We also used graters to grate coconut and carrots for making sweet dishes. You made it so beautiful and I know its needs a lot of strength to cut these things and then make holes. Best of luck with the contest. Success for you.

Getting a true comment like this is as satisfying as coming out on top of the contest.
Yes some energy was spent, but you see, I will use the grater in my kitchen for many months to come, which is more like first prize to me. thank you for wishing me well. best of luck to us all.

You have recycled used tin and wood in a wonderful way. You are very creative. Best wishes for you.

Thanks for going through my post and got the fine compliment.