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Hello everyone, how are you all today? I hope fine. So yesterday I made a post on my visit to the Thalassemia center and distributed the Lunchboxes to the kids there. And it was definitely one of the proudest and beautiful moments of my life when I saw those kids smiling. If we haven't read it so go read.

So after distributing the boxes, we all went downstairs of the hospital and there we luckily met the person behind the Thalassemia Center, and we got to know that this Thalassemia Center is named after that men's son [Kashif Iqbal].



Creation of the Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Center

Muhammad Iqbal is the founder of this biggest Thalassemia Center and you can also see him in the above pictures. He had a son when he was 22 years of age and he names his son Kashif Iqbal and when he was only 9 months of age his body stopped making blood.

So according to Muhammad Iqbal that he was young and didn't know much about those things he thought that it is normal for kids being sick and he will perfect soon, but day by day his condition start getting worse so they take him to the big doctor where they told him that he has Thalassemia, and because of that his body has stopped making blood on his own, so in a month 2 blood bottles used for the Kashif Iqbal.

When Kashif Iqbal turned 14 he still was getting 2 bottles of blood every month, according to his father his hands used to be soiled because of the needles getting on his hands every month twice. In 1996 when he was 14 his condition got worsened they take him to many hospitals but nobody has the solution for that.

And then he got to know that in England and Italy that time were the only place where a Bone marrow transplant used to happen and that was still not the full treatment for that but still it would have given him more life. But when he research about that place so he got to know that even at that time they had required 90 lakhs rupees which is around $51217 USD and if we convert it in STEEM so that would be more than 100000( 1 lakh) STEEM. So that is a huge amount even for today.

But he said that he managed to get that amount and take his son to Italy for the treatment, but when he reached there the doctors there refused to do the treatment on him. And that was definitely the shocking moment even at that time the whole of my class were crying.

The reason behind refusing that treatment on him was because a normal person has around 80 - 180 Fiber in his body, but because he was getting bottles of blood from his childhood his fiber was at 7000. So they asked that they will have to remove that fiber from his body.

But the process of removing that fiber from his body was also really painful that a 20 cc needle had to be put on his stomach 5 hours and in a day he had to put needle 3 times which means like 15 hours the needle on stomach and that process for extracting iron was for 5 years.

But because the Iron from his body was extracting his body was also start using blood more so in a month he started to get 5-8 bottles of blood and because of that, the iron of his body went to 11000. His head got big, his teeth and nails starts becoming like dust, and at last, he dies in 1996 when he was 16 years old.

So that was a really sad moment for all of us even after hearing it, it made us all sad. So then we all decided to donate our blood for the Thalassemia patients as it can be the biggest gift for them and they also told us that in 3 months our blood got destroyed on his own and the body got new blood on its own so why not donate blood after every 3 months as it can give some 15 days of more life to someone.



we all also had our Thalassemia test as to when two Thalassemia Minor got married, so there is a chance of their children having Thalassemia major and that's mostly happen in cousin marriages. And if you are normal that you can marry anyone so you don't have to worry.

So that was all from today. If anyone of you wanted to help them in their great cause can contact me, as I have thought to help them in every manner I can.

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