🦋 How To Make Beautiful Papre Butterfly Wall Art 🦋

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How To Make Beautiful Papre Butterfly Wall Art

hi my friends Today I have brought you a beautiful design. So this design is a wall design. I think you will like this design very much. So let me tell you about this design.

This design is paper butterfly wall art. So I made this design with A4 sheets. A beautiful design like this is very important to decorate the wall of our room. It is very important that we can make this kind of design at home. This design is also important for school designs for our little children. So we can create this kind of design with less money. And it is very valuable for us to know how to create such a beautiful design at any time. By creating a butterfly like this and decorating the wall of our house and decorating the other wall with flowers, we can make the house beautiful. So today I will teach you step by step how to create this correctly.

Okay let's see how to do this correctly and the tools needed for this.

Required Materials 👇🏾
A4 Sheets - Black 1, Yellow 2
Glue Gun

Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone



  • First, take an A4 sheet of a color of your choice. After that, cut 8 squares of 10cm × 10cm from the same A4 sheet.


Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone


  • Take one cut box. Make a cone from that box as in the photo. Make cones from the remaining A4 in that shape. Make a cone and glue the end of the cone well.



Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone


  • After that take a little thick cardboard. Cut a small square out of that cardboard. Cut a square to the size you want.


  • After that take a black A4 sheet. From that A4 sheet, cut a box to the size of the cardboard cut earlier and paste it.

Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone


  • Paste the cones made on top of the box into the shape of the butterfly, 4 per side as shown in the photo. You use a gum that sticks well to it.


Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone


  • Cut two 1cm × 20cm strips and a small square from the black A4 sheet. After that take the two cut strips. Roll one side of the two strips as shown in the picture.



Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone


  • Take the adopted butterfly. After that, paste the two parts made from black A4 sheets on top of the butterfly as shown in the picture.


  • Finally glue the black square in the middle of the butterfly and shape the butterfly with sequins. After that you can successfully create this.

Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone


So as I have clearly taught you how to create a butterfly in this way, I think you will be able to create it very easily. It didn't take me long to create this. I was able to create such a beautiful design for a very low price. So you too try to create this. See you in another design like this.

Thanks for looking at my design.

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Wow you make wonderful butterfly, In paper Crafts. It's really good. Thanks for sharing us.

Thank you so much.

Wow wonderful make butterfly.

@fensi46 You comment in my, comments. Hope you can understand.

Lovely and😗🥰 simple craft from you. I must try it my friend.

Yes, it really is a beautiful design. Try to create it yourself.

Sure i will

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Thank you for sharing another art project with us.
Your post is looking good.
Tip: Use www.grammarly.com to check your post. You will be amazed to see how many grammar, punctuation, repeating of words and other mistakes we make. For instance, you used the word “so” seven times.
Incorrect ➝So this design is a wall design.
Correct ➝This design is a wall design.
Keep on sharing. You are doing a great job!

Thank you very much for your advice.

Pleasure 🌼