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How I spent my Day On Tuesday

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Thank God another day dawned. When I woke up today, it was around 6:30. I got up and took my morning tea. After drinking tea and watching steemit, I started my morning exercise. After exercise I started doing my other activities.

After that I finished my morning activities and prepared breakfast. I prepared milk rice with a chili sambol for breakfast. My mother told me earlier in the day to prepare milk rice so I prepared them for breakfast.


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After that I had breakfast with my family. I finished all the housework and I needed to clean my teeth, so I was ready to go to see the dentist. After that I went to the road to go to that station and waited for a while for a bus. After a while, a bus came and when I went to that station, I was a little late due to the traffic on the road. So when I went to that place and stayed there for a while, I also met one of my friends. After that I started brushing my teeth.


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After brushing my teeth, I left the station. They really did the best service. After that I left for my other work. I wanted to buy some supplies for Neil Art so I went to a nearby shop. Then I bought the necessary things.


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The shop has tools for beautiful designs. So I bought a lot of things I needed. After that I left to go back home. There were many people on the road, the weather was very hot and it was very tiring.

When I was leaving there, my mother called me and asked me to bring the things needed to prepare lunch, so I took them and left to go back home.

I came home and prepared to prepare lunch with mom. So today I made my favorite dal with fish for lunch. So we prepared lunch and followed.

After lunch I went out of the house and rested for a while. Then I went to sleep for a while. It was evening when I woke up without realizing it. So I woke up and started walking in the garden. My pet cat was there during that walk. I spent some time with him.


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This is my pet cat, her name is Sherry. Someone left him in front of our house one day. So I adopted him. He is very cute and very friendly with me. So I spent some time with him and went to the garden with my mother. There were many activities in the garden, so after finishing them, I came back home. I came home and made tea.

I made tea and drank tea with musket. One of my favorite foods is Muscat. So I went to Madu Palli a few days ago and brought the musket. I eat them with afternoon tea.


Photograph is Taken by me using Oppo A16 Mobile Phone

After tea I watered the plants and went to bath. After showering, mother helped prepare dinner. I really love to cook. After that I finished all my activities and sat near the TV to watch my favorite drama. After watching my favorite drama, I went to my laptop and started writing my diary.


So this is how I spent my day thank God for a beautiful end to the day.

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