Mini Crypto Program, Part 2 || "How Psychology Influences Market Cycles"

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Mini Crypto Program, Part 2


"Mini Crypto Program" Hopefully can provide initial training to take Crypto Academy courses and become a place to help new users prepare to take courses provided by @steemitblog so that they will add new user participants to take the course.

And now it's time for Steem Education to provide an opportunity for beginners with a reputation under 60 and reputation above 60 to take part in the Mini Crypto practice, because we see the enthusiasm of beginners in joining "Mini Crypto Program Part 1" is very high and we get very good input from all Steemian circles, therefore we Steem Education Community re-launch "Mini Crypto Program Part 2" and win the Upvote vote from @booming.

As provided by @steemitblog in preparing for Crypto Academy Season 3 yesterday, we will provide special exercises that can be followed by all beginners who were not part of the Crypto Academy Season 1, 2, and 3 courses yesterday.

The exercises available in the Mini Crypto Program are sourced from Crypto academics who have attended Crypto Academy Season 3, and all courses have been assessed by Crypto Professors. And this Mini Crypto Program Part 2 is my corrected homework and all information can be seen at the end of the post.
The exercises that can be followed in the Mini Crypto Program, Part 2 are as follows;

"How Psychology Influences Market Cycles"

The exercises are as follows;

  • Visit the website CoinMarket , and explain what FOMO is!
  • Explain what is FUD?
  • Explain where FOMO occur! (Need screenshots)
  • Explain where FUD occur! (Need screenshots)
  • Choose the 2 cryptocurrencies you want, then use the graph of the 2 cryptocurrencies to explain where FOMO and FUD occur! (Need screenshots)
  • Conclusions!

We will improve the assessment of this Mini Crypto Program, Therefore, we updated some of the rules in Mini Crypto Program Part 2.

The Role of "Mini Crypto Program"

  • New user with reputation under -60.
  • Exercise posts will be reviewed by the Steem Education Team and if they reach the target score above 5+ will receive a percentage of votes from @booming.
  • For Steemit users who follow "Mini Crypto Program", it is forbidden to do plagiarism, if they do the plagiarism, they are not allowed to follow this next program
  • Post on Steem Education using tags; #minicrypto2 #steemexclusive -#yourcountry (ex. #indonesia)- cyptoandme at the first tag
  • Homework posts must be at least 350 words.
  • Any graphics, screenshots, quotes, etc used from other sources must be fully referenced.
  • Every image used must be from a copyright-free source and fully referenced.
  • Posts posted outside the specified time limit will not be judged.
  • All exercises are written in correct English form.
  • Invite 3 of your friends to join this Mini Crypto Program and reesteem this post so that many participants will take part in this program
  • Write the exercise with the title (Mini Crypto Program Part 2 || "How Psychology Influences Market Cycles", by...)
  • Set a 10% payout for to increase activity in the community.

  • For Steemit users who have a reputation above 60 and have never attended Crypto Academy, we from Steem Education welcome them to learn and join us in the Mini Crypto Program Part 2 by participating in The Role of Mini Crypto Program Part 2 which has been determined.

The assessments that we will provide are as follows;

Compliance with Topic
Clarity of Language
Quality of Analysis
Grand total

We remind you to pay attention to each assigned Role properly and use the correct tags so that we can read your exercises.

All exercises will be assessed by the Steem Education Team and by myself @liasteem.
Practice collection time is until September 11, 2021 23.59 WIB.

Exercise posts can only be submitted once, so do your exercise carefully.

Here Announcement!

Crypto Academy Season 4 has started, for all Steemit users, they can take every course provided.
Good luck and let's learn Crypto together.

Thank you all Steemian,
I thank you very much and support all Steemians.

Let's study together and good luck!!!

Best regards,
@irawandedy Team


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Pengen ikutan tapi gak.pede n gak murphum🤭

nice one

will be sure to participate

Please welcome...
We Will waiting for your entry @badmus-official .

hello, @liasteem have not done this task before even in the cryptoacademy.does it mean am eligible to carry on the ask?


Good contest 👍

Thanks you very much @mistural

I think this mini crypto stuffs is not for beginners, i guess. The exercises are too difficult for anyone like me who is just starting

This is mini Crypto part2.
And you Will try it,
I think this exercises Will make you more understanding how the Courses of Crypto Academy is occur!

Well I have tried

Sorry @badmus-official...
Even if you have never taken a course on this practice, you are still one of the students at Crypto Academy.
Please check the Mini Crypto Program, Part 2 || "How Psychology Influences Market Cycles"
Thank you very much 🙏

This is the exact reason why I ask before performing the task and you gave me a carry on signal


I specifically ask and you ask me to carry on, I think something should be done in the case of this, all my energy and research shouldn't just go to a waste nw

I feel so sorry,..
I Miss understanding, But, you didn'nt say you one of student in Crypto Academy.
I think this course is to the beginner, and we create this program to help them to know how Crypto Academy was occurred.

That's why I ask first if I am eligible thinking you have already scrutinize my page and you ask me to carry on

It's totally okay anyway, wish u good luck 🤞

Hi @ferifelanai ...
I think you are one of Crypto Academy's student.
Mini Crypto ia to all beginners that never follow the Crypto Academy Courses.
Thanks you 👍

I did not read this role you mentioned in your post and I think this can be followed.

Waduh Soalnya Makin Susah, Tapi Semangat Saya Pasti Bisa, Hehhehehe

Semangat anak muda!

Hello @liasteem
Thank you for this, here is my entry.

Hi @sandrakez...
I think you are one of student of Crypto Academy
Mini Crypto is to beginners that never follow Crypto Academy Courses.
Thanks you 🤗

That is quite sad. There was no mention of that on the criteria. So I basically wasted time on a contest I'm not qualified for. Please do well to be more specific on your posts @liasteem

I will like to point out that i was not part of the season 3. I had only started the beginners fixed course at the end of the season , to help me get ready for the new season just like you are doing now. I hope you take this into consideration as i put a lot of effort into the work. And season 4 is my beginning point in the academy @liasteem

can i join this program

I think you are one of Crypto Academy's student.
Mini Crypto ia to all beginners that never follow the Crypto Academy Courses.
Thanks you 👍

Ok thank you

What about me am i qualified

I really hope that you can take the Crypto Academy Season 4 course,
It will be easy for you,
Let's try it and learn together there.

🥺🥺🥺So should I partake in your contest

Sorry @starrchris ...
This program is to beginners who not student of Crypto Academy.
I think we Will study together at Crypto Academy 🤗

Cutkak @liasteem, this my homework, and Thankyou so much.

Best Regard @rizkiblangpadang

Selamat Siang Ibu, sebelumnya ini kan penyusunan Soalnya seperti melompat-lompat apakah boleh jika misalkan saya mengerjakan soal no 1 selanjutnya soal no 3 yang ibu berikan saya jadikan soal no 2 di tugas saya ??? Supaya kesusun rapi gitu, setelah saya jelaskan pengertian FOMO langsung masuk dimana FOMO terjadi biar rapi BU, Mohon saran dan masukkan dari Ibu jika diperbolehkan, Terima Kasih

Akan lebih baik jika mengerjakan sesuai dengan pertanyaan (berurutan).
Ini akan memperjelas, sejauh mana anda mengerti kedua hal ini dan dalam dua yang lain.
Terima kasih @aryadwigantara

Iya Bu, tadi udah selesai cuman kayak gak rapi aja tugas kali ini, semoga dapat memuaskan ya tugas saya kali ini Bu, Terima Kasih

Kak kalau mau jadi mentor seperti kakak gmn caranya ??? Mana tau bisa menjadi mentor dan Event Mini-Crypto ini bisa makin rame kan hehehe


Si kakak ditanyain malah di kasih jempol doang nih 😅😅

Kak, @liasteem di Steemit Crypto Academy Beginner kan ada dua topik, kita bisa fokus ke salah satunya atau dua - duanya 😅😅

Topiknya sesuai dengan rule yang di publikasi oleh profesor. Coba ditinjau kembali.

Yg itu bg @irawandedy saya masih bgung, saya harus kerjakan ke dua topik itu, atau saya bisa pilih salah satu?


Pilih salah satu profesor dan cukup 1 tema saja. Kalo mau buat 2, bole... Tapi pos yg berbeda

Oke bg, makasih.. 🙏🙏

Semoga sukses ya...

Amiin bg.. Siap

Makasih bg

Semoga sukses @rizkiblangpadang..

Good day @liasteem, can someone that was mute from crypto academy join

Halo cut kak, Riana mau nanya nih kak, kalau riana ikut minicrypto 2 ini boleh ??? Kan karena mini crypto 1 riana gak ikut kemarin, karena riana baru di verifikasi akunnya, jadi gak sempet ikut deh, apakah boleh kak ??

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

Hello @liasteem can someone whose rep is 25 or 35 do this mini assignment?

Of course,
But he not one student of Crypto Academy.

hello bro can i join this program?

Of course...
Let's join with US👍

thank you sis, i will try it

Is it same with Nigeria time, cause right now we are in 7:48 PM.

And I want to make my entry now. I don't no if I'm late or not?


I made a mistake in time due to the different time zones of West Africa with Indonesia and I had network issues and it took me a while to submit. @liasteem pardon me please.

Please, I really need this assignment accessed.

When the mini crypto program, part 3 will start?

As soon as possible 😀
Let's join Mini Crypto and waiting for Announcement.